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Yet Another Telephony Engine

Yate is a softswitch with PBX features, which can be disabled. Due to fact that is very flexibile
it can be integrated with other services like Web. It runs under Linux, BSD and Windows.

About Yate versions

Yate 5.4.2 - 2 March 2015

  • Support release for YateBTS 4.0.2
  • Added SQLite database support in Windows
  • Stability improvements

Yate 5.4 - 25 July 2014

  • Support for YateBTS 4
  • Added JSON and DNS support in Javascript
  • SIP improvements for Handover support in YateBTS

Yate 5.3 - 28 April 2014

  • Added support for systemd based systems
  • Fixed some concurrency issues in SIP channel.
  • Fixed some Javascript methods.

Yate 5.2 - 17 March 2014

  • Better JavaScript support.
  • Fixed a memory leak.

Yate 5 - 21 October 2013

  • Added IPv6 support in SIP for LTE.
  • Improved JavaScript support.

Yate 4.3 - 21 January 2013

  • Added XML support in Javascript
  • SCCP - GTT routing between different networks
  • Stability improvements.

Yate 4.2 - 20 August 2012

  • Adds SIP flood protection.
  • Improves Jingle / Google Voice support.
  • The Javascript is usable.
  • SIGTRAN links instability was solved.

Yate 4.1 - 23 April 2012

Added features:

Fixes – T.38 and Mac client issues.

Yate 4.0 - 21 February 2012

Added features:

  • SS7 components for mobile operators - SCCP, TCAP, MAP and CAMEL
  • Javascript new implementation for fast prototyping of telephony applications.
  • LNP over ANSI SS7
  • T.38 fax support over MGCP digital gateways
  • Alerts, monitoring and logging.
  • YateClient got a brand new face

Minor improvements
  • Better debugging informations
  • Atomic operations used if architecture and compiler support them

Yate 3.3 - 4 April 2011

Minor update, mainly fixes:

  • Support for GMail private chat conference rooms
  • Internal microphones work on MacOS, now compiles on Mac OS X 10.6 too
  • Handle some ANSI specific ISUP procedures and parameters
  • Better detection of SS7 links misconfiguration
  • Major stability issue fixed in H.323
  • Minor stability fixes in SIP and RTP

Yate 3.2 - 9th March 2011

Bug Fixes in :
  • MGCP
  • SS7

Features added:
  • CNAM/LNP lookup by SIP INVITE/3xx.

Yate 3.1.0

We have a "Release early, release often" policy.

This minor update adds or fixes the following:

  • Chat room conversations are archived
  • Tones can be customized form config file, sample file includes 40 countries
  • Minor features added to SS7 ISUP, STP and M2PA
  • Ringback can be provided from remote MGCP gateways
  • Some infrequent memory leaks were fixed

Yate 3 alpha

  • Mac OS X platform support
  • Built-in Jabber server
  • XML library using Yate classes
  • SIP domains support
  • Wideband audio support
  • RTP stats, sends RTCP reports
  • SSL support for remote manager connections
  • Linux kernel SCTP support for SIGTRAN
  • SIGTRAN M2PA implementation
  • SS7 and ISUP improvments

Yate 2

  • Support for more operating systems and hardware architectures
  • Better integration in the target operating systems
  • Easier interoperation with database schemas
  • Support for more hardware interfaces and protocols
  • Clustering, balancing and failover support, Linux-HA integration
  • Improved client functionality
  • Easier involvement of the Yate community
  • MGCP for client-server and gateway control support added.
  • SS7 support added
  • ISDN new stack with passive recording support
  • RBS and analogic cards support

Yate 1

Yate version 1 is a direct result of the work on the Yate09 development versions.
We added features, made lots of improvments and fixed many problems.

The following notable features are available:
  • H.323 - using OpenH323 stack
  • IAX - using Yate's IAX stack
  • SIP - using Yate's SIP stack
  • Jingle - using Yate's XMPP and Jingle stacks (from version 1.2.0, works as another server's external component)
  • RTP - using Yate's RTP stack, works with the H.323, SIP and Jingle protocols
  • hardware support for Sangoma and Digium boards - only digital lines (ISDN) - using libpri
  • analog fax send or receive file in Linux (only from version 1.1.0)
  • audio codecs - G.711, GSM, iLBC, many other in pass-through mode
  • databases support - mysql and postgresql (all the other by using an external language)
  • routing from a file using regexroute
  • routing and authentication
    • from a database using register
    • from a file using regfile
    • from a RADIUS server
  • call forking and fallbacks
  • fallback routing from a database (starting with version 1.1.0)
  • accounting and, or billing
    • in a file using cdrfile
    • in a database using register
    • to a RADIUS server
  • conferencing - the number of participants is limited only by the server's hardware performance
  • customizable PBX for switching between calls, putting them on hold and initiating transfers and conferences
  • a skinnable, Gtk-2 based graphical client interface supporting many lines and accounts at once

Mailing list

Latest stable release

released on March 8th 2010, adds T.38 terminal support and includes performance fixes
for SIP and Qt client.

SVN repository

VOIP Today - Yate News

    Latest News

    sipgate chooses open source project Yate for core infrastructure

    Yate 3.0.0 alpha 3 released on May 3rd 2010. It provides new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

    Supported operating systems

    • FreeBSD
    • GNU/Linux
    • Windows
    • ucLinux

    Supported telephony hardware

    • Sangoma
    • Digium
    • OpenVox
    • Rhino Equipment
    • ZapMicro



    Application Examples

    • VoIP server
    • VoIP client
    • VoIP to PSTN gateway
    • PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway
    • H.323 gatekeeper
    • H.323 multiple endpoint server
    • H.323<->SIP Proxy
    • SIP session border controller
    • SIP router
    • SIP registration server
    • Jingle server
    • ISDN passive and active recorder
    • IAX server and/or client
    • IP Telephony server and/or client
    • Call center server
    • IVR engine
    • Prepaid and/or postpaid cards system
    • Jingle client or server
    • SS7 switch
    • ISDN , RBS , analog passive recorder
    • MGCP gateway or server
    • x164 is wholesale softswitch based on yate. x164 features advanced routing strategies to "cherry-picking" wholesale carriers.
    • FreeSentral is a full IP PBX consisting of a Linux Distribution, an IP PBX and a Web Graphical User Interface for easy configuration.


    Yate is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) with an exception to allow linking with OpenH323 and PWlib, which are both licensed under MPL.

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