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Yealink is the professional VoIP developer and manufacturer. Our prime focus are on VoIP products since our inception in 2001. Today we export globally 100K-200Kpcs each month. We have cooperated with over 100 ITSPs worldwide include Tesco, Nortel and Global7. Yealink was named as one of the best VoIP manufacturers in 2005 & 2006 by Global Sources. Our 50 R&D engineers provide OEM/ODM supports to most of the above ITSP’s and global distributors. Over the years we have developed our own intellectual property in software and hardware platforms. For more detail please contact us today by sending email to or calling (+86)-0592-5702000.

Yealink Products

SIP Phone

  • SIP-T9CM: Basic SIP VOIP Phone with 3 user accounts
  • SIP-T10 : SIP Phone with value-added features
  • SIP-T11 : High level SIP Phone supporting 6 SIP user accounts, BLA, BLF, wideband audio voice etc.


  • SIP-GW3CM: SIP ATA with WAN, LAN, FAX, FXO Lifeline ports and 3 user accounts
  • SIP-GW2: Basic IP ATA with WAN, LAN, FAX, FXO Lifeline ports

IP Media Phone

  • VP-2008: IP Media phone, not just Vedio phone. Coming soon!

USB VoIP Phone

  • USB-M3K: USB memory stick phone, preload softphone auto-runs in any PC
  • USB-P8DH: USB phones, supports any language display and echo cancellation
  • W1DL: Wireless USB phone, supports any language display
  • USB-P1KH: USB phone, supports more than 20 softphones
  • USB-P1M: USB memory phone, preload softphone auto-runs in any PC
  • USB-P6SH: USB phone with echo cancellation
  • USB-P10D: USB phone, large graphic LCD with blue backlight
  • USB-W2DL: wireless dual phone, large graphic LCD supports any language display
  • USB-T4K: wired dual phone, PSTN+VoIP 2-in-1 desktop phone.
  • USB-S1: USB conference phone, ideal for group conference

Where to buy Yealink Phones

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