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BizSky - Call manager & Remote office for Traditional PBX

Staff in small and medium companies can be classified into two categories: general telephone users and advanced telephone users. First class users have fewer calls, such as developers, the normal functions of a PBX system are enough for them, but that is not nearly enough for the businesses, such as managers, sales and supports that need more advanced and flexible functions to perform at their highest levels to retain their customers every day.
BizSky is an advanced business call manage system for Advanced Telephone Users.


Call Manager for Advanced Telephone Users:

1. Remote Office: Use Skype as office extension when working in remote office.
2. Mobile Office: Forward office calls to mobile phone while you are away.
3. Voice Message: Let caller leave voice massage when you are busy or away.
4. Call Record: Click to record important call.
5. Caller ID Profile: Show caller's information in real-time.
6. Click to Call: Click on 'name' to call, don't waste your precious time on dialing.
7. Conference Call: Add related person into conference, save communication time.
8. Call History: Easy to review log, no more missed business calls!

Skype Trunks for Every One:

1. SkypeOut: Place SkypeOut calls from existing office phone.
2. United Office: Connect multiple branches easily and freely.
3. Web Call: Publish company unique Skype ID, and receive business calls from website visitors through multi-trunk.
4. Virtual Office: Apply local SkypeIn telephone numbers in different countries and it's a local call for customers in those countries to reach you on regular phone.


1. PSTN-FALLBACK: If BizSky server down, you still can make/receive PSTN calls
2. TRANSPARENCY: Keep all PBX functions and habits for advanced phone users.
3. SAVE-MONEY: Make SkypeOut call from any extension.
4. WEB-CALL: Website visitors click to call your company.
5. REMOTE-OFFICE: Work at home or hotel, use Skype as extension phone.
6. VISUAL: Monitor and Control calls by BizSky Client.

Other Features:

1. Click to transfer PSTN or VoIP (Skype) call.
2. Extension list, click to call or transfer.
3. Contacts list, edit and click to call.
4. Share contacts between advanced phone users.
5. Follow-me, you can make/receive office call anywhere.
6. Speed dial, Easy to make Skype2Skype call and keep dial habit.
7. Direct line, Easy and quick to connect branch offices.
8. Custom Automatic Attendant and Voice Message Greeting.
9. Sound files save as standard WAV file format.


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