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The quickest way for your customers to benefit from VoIP is by extendting his existing PBX to VoIP. You will be protecting your customers existing investment until he is really ready for a change, give him the functionality he needs now plus important cost reductions. You will earn credibility and be first inline when the customer is ready to replace his legacy PBX.

1. Saving your investment by using the existing Company PBX/PABX.
2. Business People use Skype by office phone.
3. Open the door - getting business call from website.
4. Connect multiple branches easily and freely.
5. Upgrade your existing PBX to Skype PBX.

Who suit XSkype?

XSkype is tailored for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). It is one of the best solutions for those companies who want to upgrade their existing PBX to VoIP (Skype) and those that with multiple offices on different locations. It also provides WebCall to let customers make calls to your company from website.

Want to upgrade your PBX to VoIP (Skype)?
Want to connect multiple offices freely?
Want to receive calls from your website with multi-trunk?
Want one more choice of making landline/mobile calls through SkypeOut?

What is XSkype?

XSkype is a business class Skype gateway with 8 ports. Bringing skype into SMBs existing PBX, XSkype allows them to make and receive calls of Skype and PSTN over the same office phone in the comfortable way that they have got used to.

Saving the outstanding features of Skype flexibly and extending all the activities from PC to the extensions of the whole business, XSkype enables SMBs to enjoy the domestic and international calls freely and cheaply in crystal clear voice.

Using XSkype, SMBs can take full advantage of the largest free VoIP in the world to communicate and collaborate with clients and partners easily, efficiently and economically.

Functions Features

Why choose XSkype?

XSkype is the best solution that upgrades your PBX to Skype PBX.

1. Skype is the largest and most popular free VoIP network in the world, which is much more ensured and convenient in services.

2. XSkype saves of all the important features of Skype:
Take advantages of SkypeIn/SkypeOut/WebCall services
Crystal clear voice & Strong ability to NAT Traversal
Cryptographic technique for secure communication
Make Skype call to landlines and mobile phones at local charge.

3. Utilizing Yeastar's SKY800 hardware card to connect with the analog interface, SMBs have more choices in the combination of FXS and FXO ports, so as to connect with the PBX CO line and extension line.

4. XSkype enriches the traditional telephone call system and enhances service significantly

When enjoy XSkype?

Looking and feeling, easily to install it. XSkype is a free and ready gateway for SMBs. Assorting with TDM800 card you need not to buy any other equipment. Once installed, XSkype can be used right away. No end user training required and no changes in dialing.


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