ZIDial is an application (module) for Low Cost Routing. The advantages of
this application are: multiple redials on each route in the case of call
failure (busy, cancelled, no answer, chan unavailable). All options from the
Dial command are valid.

Compiling, Installing, Functioning

Application sources

The application can be downloaded from: http://www.zigosoft.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=64&Itemid=105

Compiling plus installation

  1. extract zidial.zip in directory /src/asterisk/
  2. launch command make
  3. if command is successful launch command make install
  4. modify file zidial.conf and copy it in /etc/asterisk



 nrRoute=3; number numarul de rute active ce vor fi verificate.nu poate sa
 fie mai mare de numarul de rute existente(definite) in sectiunea [route]
 ;route=prefix of route  , trunk prin care se suna in caz ca numarul are
 prefixul definit de primul parametru, retry on trunk - de cate ori se face
 retry call pe routa definite in caz de no ASWER status, priority for
 multiple route(Deprecated) - se seteaza mereu pe 0 ,  +prefix -prefix add or
 delete prefix la numarul apelat

Once the application is installed you can go to the verification

 exten => _X.,1,NoOP,Lunch ZIDial
 exten => _X.,2,ZIDial(${EXTEN}|30|jg)
 exten => _X.,3,NoOP,Stautus este->${DIALSTATUS}
 exten => _X.,4,Hangup
 exten => _X.,103,NoOP,Stautus este->${DIALSTATUS}
 exten => _X.,104,Hangup

as you can see the command runs with same parameters as Dial command.

For more details please write at:


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