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ZaKoTel provides network planning and consulting services with focus on VoIP. We also offer free and commercial products around Asterisk PBX located on


asterLive™ is a Debian Etch-based LiveCD as well as an installation medium for Asterisk 1.4 based VoIP systems. Upon installation, the system installed with asterLive™ includes a 100% compatible Debian Etch 4.0 system, including Asterisk v1.4 (+ addons for Realtime and CDR logging to MySQL database), zaptel kernel drivers (+ drivers for HFC-based ISDN cards) usable with the most recent Debian kernel, all tools needed to run a PBX system, as well as the following asterTools™ products (demo versions):

  • IVAN - Interactive Voice Application Network
  • asterBoard™ - Operator and switchboard management application
  • Flash Security Daemon - Server daemon for enabling Flash applets accessing remote machines

The resulting installation also includes optimized configuration files and a ready-to-use dialplan. The configuration of SIP and IAX endpoints, Queues and Voicemail is being done inside MySQL tables.

asterLive™ is available as ISO or TORRENT download inside the asterTools™ Download Area.

Screenshot of Bootloader:

IVAN™ - Interactive Voice Application Network is an IVR-, TollFree and Premium Rate Numbers platform based on Debian Etch Linux and the ZaKoTel Asterisk v1.4 software packages of Asterisk PBX. IVAN™ includes language sets for:
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

The major features of IVAN™ are:

  • Playback Audio: plays a voice file, if you have bought a license of Swift from Cepstral, you can generate your voice prompt with the text2speech engine
  • Forward 2 Destination: forward a call to VoIP (SIP, IAX2), to a local extension or to an external number
  • Fax2Email: receive incoming faxes and forward them to an email address
  • Voice box Recorder: use IVAN™ as your Voice box and send the messages via email
  • Calendar Routing: Route incoming calls controlled by date and time to a service
  • Timer: accept a service at a specific date or time
  • Counter: choose service every NN caller. This service is very often used from Radio and TV Shows, "Call now and hit channel number 10 to win the Jackpot!"
  • Hot Button: send the next caller to a service by pressing a button (Radio and TV Shows)
  • Percentage Routing: choose services on a percentage basis
  • Black/White list: specify the service to start regarding the phone number
  • Pin Type In: type in a PIN, send the pin to a WWW URL and start the next service controlled by the return code
  • Pin Read Out: call an HTTP URL and receive a pin, tell the pin to the caller
  • HTTP SendSRC: call an HTTP URL and send the number from a caller to that URL
  • HTTP SendDST: call an HTTP URL and send the number from a called party to that URL (most used after the Out dial Interface Service)
  • IVR Jump: Start an IVR tree
  • Outdial Interface API: with the Outdial Interface you can initiate a call with a HTTP request
  • Live Monitor: monitor and hang up calls in Real-Time
  • User Right Management: you have 3 different Levels of users: Admin, Mandator and Clients, you can setup for each user different rights
  • Agent Command Center: easy to use service for Agent logon, logoff, Agent Statistics
  • Agent Queues: setup as many queues you need
  • Agents: setup as many Agents you need
  • Agent Allocation: what Agent is in which Queue, one view for all your Agents and Queues
  • Agent Status: one view for all your Agents
  • Statistics: Calls, Agents, Queues, Interfaces… (many different views and export options of your Calls)

IVAN™ is licensed based on the concurrent connections the system accepts, a fully-featured demo version for one concurrent connection to the IVAN™ system is free of licensing charges.
IVAN™ is also included on the asterLive™ LiveCD as well as on systems installed with asterLive™.

Screenshot (resized):

asterBoard™ is an operator and switchboard management application for Asterisk OpenSource PBX. It can easily be integrated into existing Asterisk PBX infrastructures. It works with Asterisk v1.4 and includes the following functions and features:

  • Flash applet that makes a binary data connection to the AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface)
  • Platform independent (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • easy to integrate into existing Asterisk 1.4 installations
  • fully drag&drop enabled
  • customizable and storable layout
  • visualize and transfer calls to employees or external numbers
  • manage diversions for extensions
  • easy integration of existing company phonebooks, CID lookup and CRM via WebService (AMFPHP)
  • phonebook search function (for first name, last name or extension/number)
  • start, manage and hangup conference calls
  • only Flash player needed on client

Feature presentation screencast (video):


Debian Etch packages of Asterisk 1.4
We provide binary packages of the recent BriStuffed versions of Asterisk and ZapTel 1.4 for Debian Etch on x86 including the BriStuffed kernel drivers (HFC-based ISDN cards and more). We have made these packages without any further patching and included app_rxfax and app_txfax to handle faxes. The required packages include also a (nearly) complete dialplan to get up and running withing a very short timeframe.

Repository location:
HowTo integrate into Debian's apt:
Asterisk 1.4 installation manual: - work in progress

Linux HowTos around Debian and Asterisk
Tutorial collection on

more products will be available soon
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