Short for "Zapata Telephony"


The Zaptel project has been renamed 'DAHDI' as of May 19th 2008.


Zaptel refers to Jim Dixon's open computer telephony hardware driver API. Zaptel drivers were first released for BSD and Jim's Tormenta series of DIY T1 interface cards. Digium later produced interface cards from Jim's designs and improved the Zaptel drivers on the Linux platform. Digium then added further drivers also following the Zaptel API for other telephony hardware.

The Zapata Telephony project was named after Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary, indicating the revolutionizing nature of the Zaptel project. For more details see

Today, Zaptel driver development for various telephony hardware is done on BSD, Linux, MacOS X and Solaris.



Software that uses Zaptel:
  • Asterisk:
    • Zaptel channel
    • mixing conferences: meetme.
    • A timing source for various operations (e.g: IAX trunking).
    • chan_unicall (external modules) provides support for MFC/R2. If you managed to install it.
  • CallWeaver - uses chan_unicall as well as its own version of chan_zap.
  • YATE - works with digital zaptel cards.

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The Zapata Telephony Project
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