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ZenPhone Overview

ZenPhone is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has been in business since 2015. They make it hassle free to communicate with customers outside of the country. By giving online companies local numbers, they empower the company by making it easier to contact them.

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For years companies struggled with international customers that don't want to put in the work to communicate with a company internationally. It is too much work and easier to find a local company. However, sometimes being local doesn't mean you are the best person for the job. That is where ZenPhone comes in and helps with that communication issue. Through their different plans your online company can connect and see an increase of 30% in sales.

Pros with ZenPhone

One of the major pros of using ZenPhone is that you appear local to online customers. This is important because it takes out the intimidation of working with a company out of the country. Some client's won't even think about working with a business that isn't local because of the hassle of contacting them. ZenPhone eliminates that hassle and gives the client free international calling to your company.

ZenPhone Plans

Zenphone offers three plans that give users the flexibility to reach more customers and sale more effectively. The Basic plan gives your 2 phone numbers, with 50 minutes. The cost for each additional minute is .50 cents per minute. The Plus plan gives you a little more with 5 phone numbers and 250 minutes. Each additional minute costs .30 cents which is good fort he wallet. The last plan is the Premium plan that offers 10phone numbers, 500 minutes and a charge of .20 per extra minute.

All plans offer a 14-Day FREE trial, so that you can try it risk free.


The bottom line is, successful businesses invest in and build seamless user experiences for their customers. ZenPhone's patented technology is an industry first and not available anywhere else. The service is effective at increasing call volume and trust amongst customers, after all customers prefer to shop locally, and according to our research, 75% of customers prefer to dial locally.

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