Zhone has manufactured channelbanks that could be used with asterisk.

But, you need to be sure that you want simple 24 port FXS channel bank.

Officialy this product is discontinued from Zhone company, but it:
a) costs a little over 120 USD + shipment + TAX
b) works.

Copy of orginal webpage could be found here :http://www.5sn.com/asterisk/hardware/www.zhone.com/zplex10b/www.zhone.com/

main info: DB9 port is serial console, use 9600 bps, 8n1, no handshaking (no RTS/CTS, no Xon/Xoff).
login: admin password:zhone (on the bottom of page you could find "reset to hardware defaults" procedure).

how to config digium (compatilble :-D ) card te400p ?

like this:

for every port connected to Channel Bank. ( 1 channel bank, 24 FXS ports. Also use PRA/T1 cros-over cable)

channel => 1-24

config of Channel bank:

1) upgrade to software 1.0.9 (from ftp.zhone.com) login [admin/zhone]

new ip-interface-record 1/1/1/0/ip
tftpdownload zhone-zplex10b-software-1.0.9.bin

then do a

restore network zhone-zplex10b-fxs-20030812.txt

good working txt file in format accepted by zhone tftp procedure could be found here:

note from: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+ZAP+channels&view_comment_id=14384
(Flash on analog)
the zconfig.h file:
  • Uncomment if you have a European phone, or any other phone with a
  • short flash time.
  • This will stop the flash being mis-detected as a pulse dial "1" on
  • phones with short flashes
  • /
/* #define SHORT_FLASH_TIME */

in zapata.conf

also: http://www.marko.net/asterisk/archives/0212/0529.html (year 2002, still in 2007 problem exists)

also in zapata.conf: (times in 1/1000 of second)
flash = 200

Can't login using default login/pass?
do this:
  • Disconnect the power
  • Open the cover
  • In the middle, there's a JP1, with three pins, one side is marked DBUG
(pin 1), find a regular jumer, and jump pin 1 & 2.

  • Connect the power, in the terminal connected to the serial port,
you'll see you're now dropped in the debug console immediately

  • you can type ? or h to get a list of help command

  • the commands worked for me are to erase both data storage 1 and 2:

e s 1
e s 2

  • then remove the jumber, and type q

  • now zhone boots up to it's default config, and I can login as
admin/zhone again

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