ZyXEL P2000W


ZyXEL P2000W is a cordless WiFi phone. It operates on an 802.11b wireless network and acts as a SIP client. It has built-in PPPoE support and can use G.711 or G.729 codecs.


Appears to be same the hardware as the Pulver Innovations WiSIP phone.


- Earlier than WJ.00.0f
Early revisions of the firmware were spectacularly flakey; most phones still ship with the initial firmware. For reliable operation with Asterisk, the phone must be upgraded to WJ.00.0f or newer. Updated firmware can be found here.

As of writing (14 March 2005), you must use Internet Explorer to perform the update — updates via Firefox will hang at the 99% mark.

- WJ.00.10
Warning: Firmware WJ.00.10 prevents using a P2000W with Asterisk. This new firmware implements VAD/CNG, however these features are always enabled. Asterisk does not support audio streams with VAD enabled. Upgrading from WJ.00.0f is one way - it is not possible to downgrade to a previous firmware level.

(above Warning may or may not be true for some - I upgraded to WJ.00.10 and have no problems using the P2000W with Asterisk!)

- WJ.00.11
The WJ.00.11 firmware fixes a lot of bugs and for me this is the first usable version! WiFi profiles work and RFC2833 works correctly so I can use DTMF after the call connects. I have had no problems with Asterisk and G.711/G.729. The phone is still a "simple" WiFi phone, but it works better than most now....but still missing a lot of advanced features. Still no NTP for time, web configure still has issues, etc.

- WJ.00.13
This firmware contains some cosmetic fixes (voice mail icon changed) as well as some interop fixes (option packet parsing, sends ack to correct port).

Troubleshooting (Matthew1471's Guide)

- I am hearing no Asterisk audio or ringing
First thing, make sure you've changed the codec away from G.729. G.729 is a great codec but Asterisk only allows pass-through calls (i.e. from one G.729 SIP phone to another) change the codec!

- The phone registers then disconnects
This is a weird bug, the symptoms for this appear to be when you are trying to Ad-hoc the phone AND have bridged 2 connections to try and give it access to the internet.. This is either due to the phone giving out poorly structured packets or due to a bug in the Windows XP bridging function, either way, unbridge.

- There's quite a bit of jittering and i'm using AdHoc
Try lowering the voice frames per packet, if your using AdHoc it appears you only have a lot less bandwith than when using an acesspoint.

- The signal strength isn't showing when I use the phone ad-hoc
This is a limitation of Ad-hoc, not of the phone, this is normal.


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