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New Website is released: http://www.zycoo.com welcome to visit...

New products are released:
ZA4E: 4 Ports Asterisk PCI-E Card

ZA8E: 8 Ports Asterisk PCI-E Card

ZA16E:16 Ports Asterisk PCI-E Card

ZPX04/08 Case is changed:


BTW, the updated firmware V.3.0.6 is released, pls download from our web__: http://www.zycoo.com/voip-download.html
Some new features are added:
  • 1. add Follow Me.
  • 2. add Disa.
  • 3. add pickup group settings in extension
  • 4. add without auth trunk set.
  • 5. add "Sender Name" settings in voicemail to email.
  • 6. change menu ordering
  • 7. IVR prompt would stop repeating. When play prompt finsh, you can use "t" set action
  • 8. resolved some bugs;
  • 9. etc;

Any more questions need my support, pls feel free to contact me:
Ms Fuling
Tel: +86-28-85336721 ext.806
M.P: +86-18981716866
Skype: fairyfuling
Addr: 2506-2510, Building No.11, Hightech Incubation Park, Chengdu, CN
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