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Aculab is a leading provider of hardware, software and gateways for integration and connection to a wide range of telephony applications. The product range includes

  • Prosody X - media processing resource card
  • Prosody S - media processing resource software
  • GroomerII - problem solving signalling gateway
  • ApplianX - plug & play gateways
  • Aculab Cloud - create telephony applications using high level programming languages



Updated version of Aculab Cloud Available

Prosody X

Aculab's Prosody X series of media processing boards has been specifically designed to enhance an extensive variety of IP and TDM-based communications solutions. These range from inbound and outbound contact centre applications and interactive voice response (IVR) systems to hosted service delivery platforms, such as fax broadcast, prepaid and wideband conferencing, targeted at both enterprise and service provider markets.

Prosody S

Aculab's Prosody S HMP gives solutions providers a viable (SoftDSP) alternative to using DSP boards. It brings granular scalability and cost-efficiencies to those familiar with traditional, enabling technology board-based designs and offers the prospect of adding complementary voice features to online platforms, such as gaming and social networks.


GroomerII has evolved to be a multi-facetted, signalling and media gateway appliance for any telco or service provider function where there is a need for hosted, central office, data centre or premise-based IP-to-TDM voice network interconnectivity. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the delivery of IP-based services from SIP or H.323 into SS7 networks.


ApplianX gateways have been developed to provide robust and reliable deployment-ready gateways for the implementation of Internet-based communication strategies. ApplianX gateways are specifically designed for rapid deployment and easy integration into existing infrastructures.

Aculab Cloud

With the Aculab Cloud telephony platform you can rapidly and efficiently create and deploy cloud-based voice and telephony applications on a low-cost, pay-as-you-go basis, using high-level programming languages.

How it works
The Aculab Cloud provides a framework in which you can rapidly develop telecoms applications using modern, productive, high-level languages.

There are two components - the Aculab Cloud and a User Application Server (UAS) that you download and run at your own office.

  • The UAS APIs provide control functions that allow you to write applications to manage interactions and call logic - what happens when a call is made or received.

  • The Aculab Cloud handles the actual calls and implements the call logic - transfers calls, plays messages, adds calls together in a conference, etc.

Once you have written the application code, simply direct the UAS at the Aculab Cloud region nearest to you to start making and taking calls.
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