amiDebugger is a free web-based CLI-like AMI interface companion.

You can download its sources or in WAR format from

Features include

- Persistent AMI connection in the context of a traditional, transactional Java webapp thanks to Akka
- Use a text box to send AMI commands to Asterisk
- Graphical coloring of different events - inputs, responses, events are displayed differently
- Real-time, live filtering of blocks that contain a certain substring - so you can e.g. follow a channel, an unique-id or a multi-block response.
- Buttons for common AMI commands - showing channels, queues, parking slots, system status and more
- Button for common templates - like Originate, Bridge, Hangup and more
- Buttons for Asterisk help texts (handy when you don't remember a command)
- By clicking on a "Channel" in the output, it is copied as-is in the command area - so e.g. to hang up a channel, you click on the Hangup button, click on the channel and send the command
- free to fork and modify

Created by: lenz, Last modification: Tue 14 of May, 2013 (08:35 UTC)
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