Another Radius client for Asterisk


It's another project that brings RADIUS AAA capabilities to Asterisk PBX.
It is written in C as a module for Asterisk 1.2 and later, and it uses Sobomax radius-client-ng library.
RADIUS attributes are used as per Cisco VSA Voice Implementation Guide, which provides compatibility with many billing platforms. Realm based authentication. No more patching needed!


  • authenticate call via RADIUS protocol
  • authenticate by general "account + password", which can mean anything depending on the service you are willing to implement i.e. ANI authorization, prepaid cards...
  • it can process also Quintum VSA.

Once this radius client received the reply from the radius server. The radius A/V pairs reply were processed inside the module as folllows (familiar dialplan function and application name were use to easily comprehend the process);
Radius A/V pair Asterisk function called
User-Name=1234 SetAccount(1234)
cisco-h323-credit-time=h323-credit-time=3600 Timeout(absolute=3600)
cisco-h323-credit-amount=h323-credit-amount=1.25 Set(PinBalance=1.25)
csico-h323-currency=h323-currency=php Set(ISO4217=php)
cisco-h323-preferred-lang=h323-preferred-lang=en SetLanguage=en
cisco-AVPair=h323-ivr-in=val1:val2 Set(val=val2)
cisco-AVPair=val1=val2 Set(val1=val2)
cisco-h323-redirect-number=h323-redirect=number=632123467 "set to variable ${EXTEN}"

In case of reject reply with an attribute of h323-return-code, this radius client will internally issue a Goto command to an extension with label equivalent to that h323-return-code. See the example dialplan below.

'_Z.' =>          1. viaRadius(9|||callrate|${CONTEXT}|${EXTEN}|) [pbx_ael]
                    2. NoOP(${ACCOUNTCODE}|${PinBalance}|${TIMEOUT(absolute)}|${CallMinutes}) [pbx_ael]
                    3. Goto(calldest|${EXTEN}|1)                  [pbx_ael]
     [Failed-Service-Not-Available] 4. NoCDR()                                    [pbx_ael]
                    5. Playback(silence/1&dial-invalid|noanswer) [pbx_ael]
                    6. hangup()                                   [pbx_ael]
     [Failed-Insufficient-Balance] 7. NoCDR()                                    [pbx_ael]
                    8. Playback(silence/1&insufficient-fund|noanswer) [pbx_ael]
                    9. hangup()                                   [pbx_ael]
     [Failed-Invalid-Account] 10. NoCDR()                                   [pbx_ael]
                    11. Playback(silence/1&pin-invalid|noanswer) [pbx_ael]
                    12. hangup()

The above example uses realm callrate, that is for callrating purpose. In case the radius server reject with h323-return-code=12, it goes to the extension with lable name equivalent to 12 or Failed-Insufficient-Balance (see Cisco VSA for h323-return-code). As another example of its use, see the dialplan below.

'1333' =>         1. viaRadius(9|||chkbalance|${CONTEXT}|${EXTEN}|) [pbx_ael]
                    2. NoOP(${ACCOUNTCODE}|${PinBalance}|${ISO4217}) [pbx_ael]
     [Play-Credit]  3. Macro(play-credit|${WHOLE}|${WHOLEGSM}|${FRACTION}|${FRACTIONGSM}) [pbx_ael]
                    4. hangup()                                   [pbx_ael]

Now where's the Macro arguements coming from. See the actual call log,

Aug 8 16:04:56 VERBOSE[18490] app_viaradius.c: RADIUS AV PAIR to be sent

   User-Name = 'default@chkbalance'
   Calling-Station-Id = '09797280109'
   Called-Station-Id = '1333'
   Aug 8 16:04:56 VERBOSE[18490] app_viaradius.c: RADIUS AV PAIR received
   User-Name = '6397122230'
   Cisco-h323-credit-amount = 'h323-credit-amount=414.992'
   Cisco-h323-currency = 'h323-currency-type=php'
   Cisco-h323-preferred-lang = 'h323-preferred-lang=en'
   Cisco-AVPair = 'h323-ivr-in=WHOLE:414'
   Cisco-AVPair = 'h323-ivr-in=FRACTION:99'
   Cisco-AVPair = 'h323-ivr-in=WHOLEGSM:dpi-pesos'
   Cisco-AVPair = 'h323-ivr-in=FRACTIONGSM:dpi-centavos'

Accounting: Not Available Yet

To download the source code go to

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