• Description of the function requested:

Currently can be compiled to ignore a group, but not individual channels. The ideal situation would be to have a new config file added in /etc/asterisk, zapscan.conf perhaps, where a list of channels can be specified as non-scannable. This way my boss cannot listen in on my calls.

If you wish you can write a new insertable app- but it needs to work with Asterisk version

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e-mail pres at nicheware dot com
We will pay with paypal

  • The date this was started
July 19, 2006

  • The status of the bounty: Open, coding, testing, closed

  • The combined value of the bounty

  • Licensing for the code - I would suggest that all bounties should be disclaimed so they may be candidates for the CVS
Open- same as current license for the app
Created by: nicheware, Last modification: Wed 19 of Jul, 2006 (20:44 UTC)
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