asterCC Commercial

asterCC commercial a hosted Call Center & IP PBX system, it's ideal for ITSPs who want to provide hosting service, or for individual company to build a call center or PBX system. Not only it provides kinds of application for different mode, but also provides full API so you can create your own application or integrate with a third parity system.

the latest version is 2.1

asterCC is a product of Sonicwell Technology Canada, you can get more information from

Business Modules

    • Campaign
    • Customer Service
    • Virtual Service
    • Electronic Commerce

Agent Functions

    • Popup
    • Click Dial
    • Pause
    • Hold
    • Consult
    • Conference (n-ways)
    • After Call Work
    • Email & SMS

Realtime Monitor

    • Queue Monitor
    • Trunk Monitor
    • System Usage
    • Accounts Logged
    • Agents Logged

Useful Reports

    • Agent Statistic
    • Inbound/Outbound Statistic
    • Campaign Statistic
    • Predictive dialer statistics
    • Predictive dialer filter log
    • Campaign data monitor report

Call Recordings

    • Listen, export of the call recordings
    • Dowload call recordings
    • Backup of the recordings

Predictive Dialer

    • Dial to queue or IVR
    • Max Calls for a campaign
    • Dial by available agents
    • Dialer parameters: Answer Rate, Short Talk Rate, ACW time, Avg. Ringing Time, Avg. Talking Time, Avg. Short Talk Rate ...

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