Asterisk-crm is an open source crm/callcenter system desigened for asterisk users. It use ajax (xajax with php), mysql and supports pop-up, click to dial, and some other call center features. It should work with all asterisk-based system.

please visit offical site for latest news and documents.

From verions 0.05, asterCRM would be released in asterCC package.

The current release versions of asterCC is asterCC 0.1

new features in 0.076

  • compatible with asterisk 1.8,1.6 and 1.4
  • added check csv file if the utf-8 code when import
  • added billing for campaign
  • added auto popup the latest and top priority notes
  • improved open_new_window to internal,external and both in astercrm.conf.php
  • added require_reason_when_pause (yes|no) in astercrm.conf.php

  • added agent_queue_log to record agent pause and continue logs
  • added a socket method to send calling info (added enable_socket,fix_port and socket_url in astercrm.conf.php)
  • added first_name and last_name in customer table
  • improved include customer info when export dialedlist (added export_customer_fields_in_dialedlist in astercrm.conf.php for assign exported fields)
  • added create_ticket in astercrm.conf.php to control the privileges when create ticket
  • added popup ticket notice in portal page

new features in 0.07
  • compatible with asterisk 1.6 and 1.4
  • blind transfer attend transfer and get call back
  • queue panel
  • agent ticket
  • scheduler call

new features in 0.06
  • improved survey export feature
  • add a switch to control if need close all popup window after a survey
  • improved dialer
  • added table campaignresult
  • added survye <-> campaign connection
  • popup survey directly when only one survey enabled
  • added surveyresult.agi, can be used to update survey when use AMD
  • added new parameters which is used to control cdr data (in table mycdr)
  • allow add customer name or add customer connection when import diallist, also added diallist popup
  • monitor features was moved to daemon astercc
  • add queuestatus page, to display realtime queue status
  • fixed the bug that sort only work in the first page

new features in 0.058
  • campaign result statistics
  • agent dialed result statistics
  • support set start time and end time for campaign
  • supply a shell for backup file and database
  • agent can add a scheduler dial for a customer
  • support set dial waittime in campaign
  • agent can add a transfer link in note
  • astercrm workwith asterbilling simplely
  • supoort delete a uploaded file
  • agent pause function
  • reload or restart asterisk in web

new features in 0.055
added a daemon for predictive dialer and scheduler calls
support transfer a call to queue directly in dailer
enhanced survey
added smart match feature for new callerid

new features in 0.05

support dynamic agent mode
extension whisper
DID number display
support predictive dial dial out strategy
support import file which exist in server
recent cdr bind to monitor records
add ext. for
support play gsm file in web
force monitor by group
update licence in web
auto install
system status monitor by groupadmin
predictive dial by groupadmin
multi mode search(like,=,<,>)

new features in 0.047

1 scheduler dialer
2 customer CDR
3 CDR(in astercc mode)
4 could work with astercc
5 trunk information when dialin
6 list and listen to the monitor records(in astercc mode)
7 removing butch of customer records in one go
8 agent auto dial(dial force)
9 speed dial list
10 recycle no answer number in dialed list(in astercc mode)

new features in 0.0461
1 add dial list campaign
2 enhance import function

new features in 0.0456

1 invite dial
2 google map support
3 multi condition search & export
4 config system parameters in browser
5 monitor/spy channel in real time
6 prefixs remove
7 switch in customer mode and customer->contact mode
8 read callerid of other extensions when they are talking

new features in 0.045

1. use perl script: eventsdaemon to replace the python script: ProxyMan
2. customer and contact could be related or irrespective
3. import/export datas online, include customer, contact, dial list
4. add survey module, administrator could add difference survey
5. survey result statistics
6. add monitor control in agent interface
7. all pop-up form is movable
8. browser title blinking and maximize when dial events happened
9. could trim zero in the callerid
10. multi-skin support



1. Pop-up on incoming calls
2. Pop-up when dial out
3. Suggestion when enter business name or contact
4. Account/extension manager
5. Cick to dial
6. Click to transfer
7. Can be integrated with all asterisk based systems, such as Magiclink IP PBX, Trixbox ...
8. multi-language support (Chinese and English for now)
9. support external crm
10. extension status
11. show asterisk active channels
12. predictive dialer (need astercrm be installed on the same server with asterisk)
13. agent outbound campaign
14. enter phone number and dial in agent interface
15. survey
16. monitor control in agent interface

Requires MySQL 4.1 or above and is tested with Trixbox and Magiclink IP PBX.


You can reach to the author on solo.fu at

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  • google map

  • predictive dialer

  • live queue status


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