asterCRM and Trixbox

download and install astercrm on Trixbox (for astercrm 0.0461 or later)

get astercrm source code from

mv /var/www/html

cd /var/www/html


mv astercrm-X.XXXX astercrm

mkdir -p /opt/asterisk/scripts/events

mv /var/www/html/astercrm/eventsdaemon/* /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon

chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/*.pl

create asterCRM tables
mysql < /var/www/html/astercrm/sql/astercrm.sql -u root -ppassw0rd

modify /var/www/html/astercrm/astercrm.conf.php

under database section
-=dbname = asterisk=-
-=usermame = asteriskuser=-
-=password = amp109=-

under asterisk section
-=port = 5038=-
-=username = admin=-
-=secret = amp111=-

under system section
-=outcontext = from-internal=-
-=incontext = from-internal=-

modify /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/

-=my $dbname = 'asterisk';=-
-=my $dbhost = '';=-
-=my $dbport = '3306';=-
-=my $dbuser = 'asteriskuser';=-
-=my $dbpasswd = 'amp109';=-

-=my $asterisk = 'localhost';=-
-=my $asteriskport = 5038;=-
-=my $asteriskuser = 'admin';=-
-=my $asterisksecret = 'amp111';=-

start eventsdaemon

/opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ &

chmod 777 /var/www/html/astercrm/upload

visit http://your-address/astercrm

login with default user: admin/admin


if you have more questions about asterCRM, please post on astercrm forums, or send mail to solo.fu at

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