chan_capi QSIG Support

Since V1.0.1 there is support for QSIG in chan_capi. The developement is still in progress.
The current trunk version integrates more stable code.

Currently supported features:

  • Support for different QSIG variants (ISO/ECMA)
  • Name presentation
  • Single Step Call Transfer (like deflection)
  • Call Transfer
  • Path Replacement (outbound on bridging, inbound support for Call Transfer)
  • External call signalling on switch (i.e. different ringtones for external calls)

Path Replacement allows to bridge calls internally or externally - the B-Channels will be kept free.

Supported hardware

  • All Eicon/Dialogic DIVA Server boards (BRI as PRI)

Yes, i know these cards are expensive, but they directly support Q.SIG.
It would be possible, that other CAPI boards also work (chan_capi doesn't use special capi features for this).
If your card would get an connection up to layer 3 to your switch, this should work.

Find more information here.

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