chan_ss7 ISUP

ISUP v2 Functions

Basic Call Requirements

Function Implemented Notes
Speech/3.1KHz Audio YES -
En Bloc Address Signaling YES
Transit Network Selection YES
Continuity Check YES
Compatibility Procedure NO A method will be implemented to determine the type of exchange (A/B) based on the call destination.
Confusion Procedure NO
Simple Segmentation NO
Tones and Announcements YES
Simple Echo Control Signaling Procedure Partial
Automatic Repeat Attempt Partial Only in case of dual seizure
Block/Unblock of circuits/groups YES
Circuit Group Query YES
Dual Seizure YES Handled
Transmission Alarm Handling for Inter-Exchange circuits NO
Reset of circuits/groups YES
Receipt of unreasonable signaling information NO
Access Delivery Information NO
Transportation of User Teleservice Information NO
Suspend and Resume NO
ISUP Signaling Congestion Control YES
Automatic Congestion Control YES
Unequipped Circuit ID Code -
MTP Pause and Resume NO
Hop Counter Procedure YES

Generic Signaling Procedure for Supplementary Services

Function Implemented Notes
End-to-End signaling: Pass Along Method NO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Generic Number Transfer YES
Generic Digit Transfer YES
Generic Notification Procedure YES
Service Activation Procedure—Transited only NO
Remote Operations Services (ROSE) capability—Transited only NO

Supplementary Services Requirements (partly handled by Asterisk)

Function Implemented Notes
Direct Dialing in (DDI) YES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) YES
Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) YES
Terminal Portability (TP) YES
Call Deflection YES
Call Waiting (CW) YES
Call Hold (HOLD) YES
Three-party Service (3PTY) YES

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