confused about astcc on @home

There's a lot of information about AstCC listed on the wiki, but for the most part, there's not a lot of discipline in how it's setup. I've had trouble setting it up, and could use someone to help me fill in the blanks.

What I'm looking for is the following:


1 - What is AstCC?
2 - How do you install AstCC on an @home box? - Theoretical
3 - How do you install AstCC on an @home box? - Practical

1 - What is AstCC?

AstCC is a calling card application which has 2 components (1) cgi website for configuration (2) series of agi scripts which integrate in to asterisk. All writen by Mark S.

2 - How do you install AstCC on an @home box? - Theoretical

You need to first download AstCC from CVS. Once it's downloaded, install it.

AstCC uses a MySQL DB to store it's card numbers, but needs a config file to tell it how to talk to the MySQL DB server.

AstCC's configuration is done via a web interface. This can create the above mentioned config file and create the DB. It's used to manage the database of calling card numbers. It does NOT link in to asterisk.

Configure your business logic, trunks, and rates.

Link the AstCC agi and DB to the dialplan.

3 - How do you install AstCC on an @home box? - Practical

;Go to the /usr/src folder

;Download ASTCC
;The source code can be downloaded from the CVS only, please check it out of Asterisk CVS as module AstCC:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@cvs.digium.com:/usr/cvsroot
cvs login ## (password is anoncvs)
cvs co astcc

;perl and other dependents are already installed on an @home system

;configure your database
on your PC, go to http
;under configuration, enter in your options and database information
;for username you can enter 'root' and for password 'passw0rd' - these are default under @home
;Configure your business logic, trunks, and rates

;link AstCC to your dialplan

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