control stream file

Usage: CONTROL STREAM FILE <filename> <escape digits> [skipms] [ffchar] [rewchr] [pausechr]

Send the given file, allowing playback to be controled by the given digits, if any.

Use double quotes for the digits if you wish none to be permitted.

If <skipms> is provided then the audio will seek to sample offset before play starts.

<ffchar> and <rewchar? default to * and # respectively.

Remember, the file extension must not be included in the filename.

failure: 200 result=-1
failure on open: 200 result=0
success: 200 result=0
digit pressed: 200 result=<digit>

<digit> is the ascii code for the digit pressed.

  • NOTE: Unlike STREAM FILE, CONTROL STREAM FILE doesn't return the stream position when streaming stopped ('endpos')

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