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Difference between Junghanns and beroNet BRI cards

Both, beroNet and Junghanns, offer quadBRI and octoBRI cards, which looks very similar. There is an interesting statement about this similarity in the beroNet installation guide (btw: a nice installation manual):

3.9 Words of Advice on the Operation of BNxS0 Cards with the bristuff-Driver from Junghanns.net
Repeatedly the question appears whether the beroNet cards are compatible with the Junghanns cards. The answer is not clear: The cards are identical in their construction. The only difference is the vendor ID that is stored on each card. In the implementation of bri-stuff drivers Mr. Junghanns makes a difference between his cards and other cards. Therefore it is possible that the bri-stuff driver does not load with other cards that are not from Junghanns.net. Since the bri-stuff driver, as well as other drivers comes under the agreements of the GPL, you are free to make respective changes in the bri-Stuff sources. Our cards do not make that that distinction. Therefore the cards from Junghanns.net should word with chan_misdn. Please note that we can not offer a complete support for the operation of our cards with bri-stuff drivers.

Thus, the cards are identical. The only diffence is the suggest asterisk channel and kernel modules:

Junghannschan_zap + patched zaptel modules (bristuff)
beroNetchan_misdn + mISDN drivers

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