domestic USA DIDs for carriers

Domestic DID (Direct Inward Dial) over SIP.
Carriers today are able to provide unique DID numbers to a variety of SIP enabled devices. The unique DID allows a consumer to have inbound voice calls directed to their device.
The DID is sold to VOIP carriers by LECs (local exchange carriers) from any LATA within the USA. The LEC will provide two things to the VOIP carriers, numbers and IP trunks.
  • IP trunks are required to transport the call from calling parties to a destination. This call may originate from any number of old and new devices. The LEC will convert the call to SIP/VoIP and send the call to the IP address identified by the VoIP provider.

See rates and rate centers: * read more about other sip type connections powered by HyperCube.

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