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Critical Links is the company developing and marketing edgeBOX.

edgeBOX is a multi-function business gateway targeted for small and medium sized organisations and enterprise branch offices. It is open-source based, uses Asterisk for VoIP capabilites and has an easy-to-use GUI for configuration.

It is based on COTS hardware, supporting Dell, IBM and HP servers, among others.

edgeBOX is compatible with SIP and IAX2 phones.

It integrates the following services:

  • Integrated Management - with all services and features controlled from a single easy-to-use web interface that can be accessed internally or remotely for off-site support
  • High Speed Internet Access - via ADSL, cable, UMTS or other Ethernet connection
  • VPN Deployment - based on IPSec and PPTP for site-to-site and teleworker connections respectively
  • WiFi - based on 802.11b/ with WEP and WPA encrypted authentication
  • IP-PBX - with a full range of features such as IVR, ACD, voicemail (can be forwarded to email), DDI, music on hold, digital receptionist, least cost routing, call forwarding, queuing and parking, hunt groups, telephone number mapping and supporting SIP and IAX protocols and all common codecs
  • VoIP Gateway - for terminating PSTN calls from either ISDN (BRI and PRI) or analogue (FXS) lines and allowing digital and analogue (FXO) equipment to be connected. When combined with the IP-PBX and QoS this enables edgeBOX to provide a complete IP telephony solution
  • Firewall - each external link and VPN can be authorised at the user or gateway level Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) - providing complete control over network resource allocation and monitoring of detailed usage logs
  • QOS and Bandwidth Management - allows bandwidth to be reserved for particular services and particular users. Can be used to ensure the quality of VoIP calls
  • Web Server - for hosting the company website, extranet and intranet or web based applications
  • Email Server - and associated services (SMTP, POP, IMAP, webmail, antivirus, antispam) for email hosting or relaying
  • File and Printer Sharing - providing a single location for users to share data and printers
  • Automatic Backup - separate backups for configuration and user data allows edgeBOX to be restored after data loss or system failure
  • WAN Capabilities Between Sites - allowing edgeBOX to be installed at branch offices

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