funkwerk IP50

Mini-Review of funkwerk IP50

This phone is also known as the Elmeg IP50


  • Fantastic build Quality
  • Solid plastic buttons - no rubber (except menu buttons) here
  • A great phone for people unused to having to press "OK" with SIP
  • Speakerphone is good


  • Slow registration and "qualify" with Asterisk (compared to other phones on my networks - I am privileged to have my own private Asterisk server on a public IP with many private extensions, sitting in a data centre on a 40GB/s backplane).
  • Ringtones inspired by a child's music box (except the default) - The plastic buttons are fit for a builder, so the ringtones should be loud and harsh enough to hear from 30m away.
  • Dates displayed in US format
  • Poor documentation (I have found some extra undocumented stuff through telnet) - Manual seems to be technically incorrect.
  • Telnet connection is not reliable
  • Reboot required on practically every change on the web interface - though not always through telnet
  • Compared to Snom 360 and factory N95 very unreliable on low speed ADSL connections (i.e. 800kbps downstream 400 upstream ) - It's still slow on a fast connection.


This is from the datacentre

$ asterisk -r
> sip show peers

Connected to Asterisk 1.x.x.x currently running on xxxxxxxx (pid = xxxx)
xxxxxxxx*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status
xxxxxxxx321/xxxxxxxx321 D N ppppp OK (260 ms)
xxxxxxxx320/xxxxxxxx320 ww.xx.yy.zzz D N ppppp LAGGED (2582 ms)
xxxxxxxx314/xxxxxxxx314 ww.xx.yyy.zzz D N ppppp OK (64 ms)
xxxxxxxx308/xxxxxxxx308 ww.xx.yy.zzz D N pppp OK (96 ms)
xxxxxxxx301/xxxxxxxx301 D N ppppp OK (92 ms)
xxxxxxxx_headoffice/xxxxxxxx_ D N ppppp OK (52 ms)

ext 321 is another funkwerk / elmeg IP50 at the same location as _headoffice (which is a Pentium 400Mhz Asterisk server)
ext 308 is a Snom320 at a heavily loaded location
ext 314 is a hacked BT home hub to FXS conversion BT Home Hub as FXS
ext 320 is at the 800/400 location
ext 301 is a Snom 190 at the same location as _headoffice


Default details here

$ telnet xxx.yyy.zzz.www
Trying xxx.yyy.zzz.www...
Connected to xxx.yyy.zzz.www.
Escape character is '

IP phone -122M : CLI
Login : admin
Password : 24234880
Login Incorrect

Login : admin
Password : 24234880
Login Correct

>weblogo ?
? Show 'weblogo' Option
-on Vender Logo
-off Crystal media Logo
(null) Show weblogo Setting



Who are Crystal media?

Telnet Help

          ?    Show CLI Command
        arp    ARP Configuration
       auth    Change User Name and Password
   autotest    Auto test
 autoconfig    Auto Confing
 autoupdate    Auto firmware update
       book    Edit phone book
       ddns    DDNS Configuartion
  debugmode    Enter Debug Mode
        dns    DNS Configuration
       dump    Read/Write Memory
       exit    Exit
       ilbc    iLBC Mode
   ipconfig    Interface Configuration
     mactab    Show MAC Learning Table
    macscan    check if MAC collision
        nat    NAT Configuration
       ping    ping [-lN] [IP-addr|host-name]
      phone    Phone Setting
     reboot    Reboot
     reload    Reload Factory Setting
       save    Save to flash
    sendmsg    -[x] [URL] [msg]
        sip    SIP Configuartion
       sntp    SNTP Configuartion
        srv    Send DNS srv request
      stack    Show stack   status
       time    Get System Time
     update    Update Flash Code/RAM
        ver    Firmware Version
       vlan    VLAN Configuartion
      voice    Voice testing cmd
   watchdog    WatchDog Function
    weblogo    Change Web's logo
    zmalloc    zmalloc [size]
      zfree    memory free test

Other Comments

I'd rather keep my Elmeg IP290
I'd rather keep my a Snom 360
I'd rather keep my N95

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