gstftpd - Grandstream Tftpd Provision System

As of 2011-08, this project has disappeared from the net. There are no known archives.


This is just an initial web-page for the Grandstream Tftpd project. It should be ready for production environment. But, there might still be bugs and/or errors.

This java application is based on the fwtftpd work of Martin Kihlgren, which is GPL - and hence this is also GPL. Read more about what that means in the GplLicense. You can find Martin's work here:

Grandstream btw is a company which sells inexpensive VoIP-phones. This is a seperate project which they may or may not be aware of. They are selling their own provosional server as a seperate product. If you want to use a provisional server professionally for your business, you should consider to buy it from them. Check their website

Basically it is a TFTP server, however with a few extensions for the Grandstream VoIP-phones.
Normal TFTP files serving from a tftproot.
Serving Grandstream firmwares depending on user-choices.
Serving Grandstream provisional configurations.

You can download the latest build from the where you can also view documentation in its current state. Click on the Download tarball link there.

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