iBCallerID is a Windows application which uses the Asterisk Manager API to display inbound CallerID on your desktop in a notification window.

http://www.cyberdyne.org/~icebrkr/?page_id=5 ( URL updated / 12/30/2005 )

Configuring Asterisk for iBCallerID

There's a couple ways you can do this. Typically, it's easier to create a
standard/common macro to use on all your extensions. Listed below is a
basic extension macro that implements my desktop CallerID notification.

Example 1:

  • Asterisk v1.0.x

	exten => s,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: ${ARG1}:${CALLERIDNUM})
	exten => s,2,Dial(SIP/${ARG1},20,tr)
	exten => s,3,Voicemail(su${ARG1})
	exten => s,103,Voicemail(sb${ARG1})

  • Asterisk v1.2.x

	exten => s,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: ${ARG1}:${CALLERID(number)})
	exten => s,2,Dial(SIP/${ARG1},20,tr)
	exten => s,3,Voicemail(su${ARG1})
	exten => s,103,Voicemail(sb${ARG1})

The other way is to just make it the first line in your extension definition
like this:

Example 2:

  • Asterisk v1.0.x

	exten => 1234,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: ${EXTEN}:${CALLERIDNUM})

  • Asterisk v1.2.x

	exten => 1234,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: ${EXTEN}:${CALLERID(number)})

Example 3:

  • Asterisk v1.0.x

	exten => 1234,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: 1234:${CALLERIDNUM})	

  • Asterisk v1.2.x

	exten => 1234,1,UserEvent(iBCallerID,CallerID: 1234:${CALLERID(number)})	

What we're doing is building a string for the event. Here's what we're looking for.
${EXTEN} is the extension which is being called. ${CALLERIDNUM} is the number of
the calling party. In the end the event should look something like this from the
manage port connection.

	Event: UserEventiBCallerID
	Channel: SIP/1235-6f8a
	Uniqueid: 1130558765.81
	CallerID: 1234:2165551212

Once you've modified your extensions.conf, don't forget to issue 'extensions reload'
from the CLI>

You'll have to create a login for the Asterisk manage port like this:
The 'deny' and 'allow' options are optional, but it's a good idea to
only allow your computer to connect.


( you don't have to restart or reload Asterisk as manage.conf is re-read upon login )

Now that you have Asterisk configure, run iBCallerID and enter your Extension and Password
in the preferences dialog and restart. If you make changes later, you'll have to restart
iBCallerID for them to take affect. If all is setup correctly, you should see something
like this at the Asterisk CLI>

	== Manager '1234' logged on from


This is the first release of this application. Which means the code could be unstable. Consider this
an Alpha version and PLEASE email me with any problems you may have. Suggestions are also welcome!

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