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As of December, 2012, iCall wholesale "carrier" services are no longer offered carriers.icall.com and existing accounts have been shut off.


iCall, Inc. is a telecommunications provider of free, and low-cost, domestic and international VoIP services for both businesses and consumers.

iCall separates itself from competitors, such as Skype, by offering truly free VoIP calls from PC to phone and from phone to PC.

In September 2006, iCall joined the corporate calling market offering wholesale carrier services. iCall's Business Services Division offers a low-cost suite of SIP and IAX termination and origination products, with an unprecedented instant activation and a unique API.

Business Solutions

The Business Services Division of iCall offers the corporate calling market a low-cost suite of SIP and IAX termination and origination products.

iCall offers businesses:

  • Instant account signup to facilitate instant start-up of service,
  • An advanced API allowing businesses to check account balance, add phone numbers, view usage, etc…,
  • Quick provisioning of new incoming numbers as the business needs them,
  • True carrier grade services through direct connections with Tier 1 carriers.

Consumer Solutions

iCall utilizes technology which allows consumers to connect their existing Internet connection, (cable, dial-up, DSL, or wireless) directly in to the regular phone network. This technology allows consumers to call any phone number in the world from their PC. It also allows anyone in the world to call them on their computer from their phone by utilizing local access numbers and extensions.

iCall currently offers two versions of its free calling software, iCall Basic and iCall Pro. Both products are compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista.

iCall is in development stages of versions of its software which will work on the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC operating system, as well as a version of Macintosh computers. They are also developing a version of iCall which will run on the Apple iPhone. However, due to the AT&T/Cingular EDGE network used by Apple, iCall will only be usable when on a WIFI network in the USA.

Contact Us

iCall, Inc.
Two Soundview Drive
Greenwich, Ct. 06830

Customer message to icall

Hey guys, daniel b. here I think you know who i am. I know we only spend $2000 a month with you guys and you probably have bigger priorities but we have had several urgent tickets open for weeks now with no response. KEQ-922-83953 AZC-969-59907 GMC-606-83793 HKZ-165-97609 JAG-708-82925 KAI-383-98044 are a few. But there are more. And these are serious problems like numbers suddenly not working . I am posting here because we have had no response in your ticketing system, no email response to my numerous emails, and no calls.. I have been unable to reach a human at your company for weeks now even when i call your support and sales lines. most of the people i used to work with there are gone and their emails bounce back.

At this point I am considering paying someone locally to walk over to your office and check to see if you exist outside of your data center anymore.
Typically I would just drop a carrier like you but in this case we have just under 2000 DIDs tied up with you and porting those take time and work.

Please contact me asap.
Daniel B.. (find my contact info via the tickets listed above.)

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