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www.icallglobe.com is the World's best Voice over IP (VoIP) Service Provider and one of the best leading suppliers of integrated communications and advanced and highly developed voice based services, to access the wholesale carriers globally. We are a leading international supplier providing internet based telephony services.

Through its worldwide resilient IP network, iCallGlobe delivers high quality Voice services to Next Generation Carriers, Businesses and Individuals worldwide.

www.icallglobe.comoffers the quality and matchless products which are beyond comparison. Our wholesale carrier network offers you scalability in terms of capacity and destinations. At iCallGlobe we pay attention to only one product – global voice. We offer the IP network connected telephony services to help people directly connect to the local markets. Our team is dedicated to offer you the most accurate and truly globalise voice.

We are connected with over 80 carriers worldwide and our network spans through Asia, America and direct routes to Europe. We place a premium on high technical and professional standard with special emphasis laid on fairness and integrity. Our highly trained human resources who work on a 24x7 environment provide you high quality services within affordable prices.

We provide full fledged services to our clients and solve all their queries in the most cost effective and satisfactory way. Our user friendly web based billing system has made it possible for the people to directly link to the lucrative markets. Our objective is to provide the best quality products to our clients and be in the number one position as the best voice carriers.

With our one of its kind and super specialty services you are able to connect to the lucrative market at the best competitive rates.

A Unique Opportunity to Gain Extra Edge and Face Challenges with Success!!


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