iFon(tm) from TABLETmedia, Inc.

iFon is the only commercial enterprise grade SIP Windows Mobile and Windows CE client integrated at the hardware level on mobile computers from Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell/HHP, Metrologic/LXE, Datalogic/PSC, etc...

What that means is that its great audio quality with background noise canceling and other signal processing, improved battery life, wireless network management, audio routing to the LCD-side of the device (when available) and many other essential features, make it the only mobile SIP softphone that is used daily by professional in harsh vertical markets as well as users that want a phone application that once installed simply always works and turns their device into a real VoIP phone.

From the website:

iFon is the most advanced VOIP, video conferencing and messaging application for Windows Mobile / Windows CE and embedded devices on the market today. It has been shipping to service providers, OEMs and integrators since 2001.

NEW: we have just released a trial version of iFon! Try it out at http://www.tabletmedia.com/ifon.html and visit our support forums at http://www.tabletmedia.com/forum/index.php!

For the Asterisk and Trixbox communities, this release includes:
  • Intercom and paging (using ALERT_INFO or CALL_INFO fields)
  • Cisco-compliant remote management via TFTP files
  • Highly integrated with enterpise-class devices such as Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, etc.
  • Picture ID and distinctive ringing (ALERT_INFO and CALL_INFO)
  • Speed dial, call log, Pocket Outlook integration and many other features
  • Most importantly it is very highly integrated on enterprise devices from Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, etc.

iFon supports both audio and video with Asterisk and derivative products such as Trixbox. It also interoperates with all major SIP IP-PBX, gateways and phones including Cisco, Adtran, Shoretel, Broadcom, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya, Polycom, Audiocodes, Grandstream and Polycom.

Standard voice version available (free trial download and purchasable online):
  • audio codecs supported: G.711, G.722, MS-GSM.

Custom (OEM) versions are available:
  • voice only, voice and video, dual-demo devices support (unified dialer), SIP messaging, etc.
  • audio codecs supported: G.723.1, G.729A, AMR, GSM 6.10.
  • video codecs supported H.261, H.263 and MPEG-4.

Operating Systems currently supported:
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Microsoft WindowsCE.NET 4.x
  • Microsoft WindowsCE Embedded 5.x
  • Microsoft WindowsCE 6.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (*)

NOTE: (*) = optional

Configuration information:

In Options | General | User Settings:
- enter the user name and AuthID, and if necessary the password for authentication

In Options | Comms | SIP Services:
- select the Registrar server and enter the address and port number of the Asterisk server
- select the Outbound Proxy server and enter the address and port number of the Asterisk server

In Options | Comms | Codecs:
- for simplest setups select G.711 mLaw and H.263

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