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iQsim's flagship product, IRON Suite, is a redundant and scalable software architecture. Especially designed to manage easily a large number of SIM cards with its intuitive and powerful interface, this solution provides you a lot of benefits connecting virtually devices separated physically.

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IRON SIM Server One; All-in-One SIM Server with SIM Storage

Key benefits:
    • Ready-to-Go SIM Server (no additional server required)
    • IRON Technology: Bonus/Promotion, Credit Synchronization
    • Integrated Capacity of 416 SIMs cards
    • Protect your Investment: Secure & Scalable product
Main features:
    • Hot-swappable compact-PCI board
    • 32 SIM cards per board
    • Up to 416 SIMs
    • Easy and powerful web based management
    • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card plans
    • SIM travel simulation and IMEI control by SLID
    • SIM Cards Recharge (USSD, SMS, Transfer, IVR)
    • SIM Cards Credit Synchronization
    • Advanced Price Plan : SIM Daily, Weekly and Monthly control
    • Scalable solution for 4000 SIMs and more
    • Prepaid SIM card management
    • Random/Unpredictable Simulation
    • SMS/Call/Voice Box query management
    • SIM Manager web interface
    • Integrated with SIM Manager price plans
    • Web based dashboard
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/iron_sim_server_one.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"


IRON SIM Manager for SIM Control & Protection

Key benefits:
    • Always use the right SIM at the right time
    • Up to 416 SIM cards per SIM Rack
    • Highly scalable architecture : Up to 50000 SIM Cards
    • Specifically designed for multi-operator and cross country deployment
    • Maximize SIM price plan usage
    • Random/Unpredictable simulation
    • SMS/Text, Call and Voice Box queries
    • Web dashboard to manage events
    • Configuration integrated with IRON Suite
Main features:
    • Easy and powerful web based management
    • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card group
    • SIM travel simulation
    • Dynamic SIM swap
    • Prepaid SIM card management
    • Text/SMS : Incoming/Outgoing/internal, User-defined destination numbers, User-defined SMS messages
    • Calls : Incoming/Outgoing/Internal, User-defined destination numbers
    • Voice Box Management : User-defines DTMF based scenario to query SIM voice box
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/iron_sim_manager.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"


IRON Call Manager for Call Control

Key benefits:
    • Call routing with the most appropriate SIM
    • Real-time GSM port supervision
    • Centralized CDRs
    • GSM gateway configuration time reduced by 70%
    • Call processing time reduction (PDD)
Main features:
    • Real time GSM ports status visibility
    • Dynamic and auto-learning central blacklisting
    • Dynamic provider call repartition
    • White and grey route management
    • Mobile portability number management
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/iron_call_manager.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"

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SIM Racks are especially designed for SIM cards storage. Whether you work in QoS, M2M or Mobile Termination, we have the product you are looking for!


Smart SIM Rack for Mobile QoS Testing

Key benefits:
    • XML API for remote SIM control
    • Interface with any type of M2M devices
    • Advanced SIM price plan and tariff configuration
    • Intuitive Web interface
    • Integration with Quality of Service (QoS) Test Platform
Main features:
    • Centralize SIM cards in one place
    • Manual, Automatic or API managed SIM Allocation
    • Web-based configuration
    • SIM card storage : Up to 160 SIM card (extensible with additional SIM Rack)
    • Multi country support
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/smart_sim_rack.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"


SIM Rack for Mobile Termination

Key benefits:
    • Remote SIM access over IP
    • Hot swappable SIM Rack board
    • Up to 416 SIM cards in a 6U rackable chassis
    • Support GSM SIM and USIM cards
    • SIM Storage capacity for Call & SMS Termination
Main features:
    • IP connection monitoring
    • Dynamic IP reconnection
    • SIM travel simulation
    • Dynamic SIM swap
    • Prepaid SIM card management
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/sim_racks.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"

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GSM Devices are geographically dispersed and connected virtually to the SIMs through IRON architecture. Whether your start in business or not, iQsim will suit your needs!

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Mobile Probe for Mobile Network Testing

Key benefits:
    • Install your own QoS/test application
    • XML API for wireless modules and SIM management
    • Virtual SIM technology included
    • Compatible with iQsim SIM manager
    • Can contain up to 8 wireless modules 2G and/or 3G
    • Easy integration with existing environment
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/mobile_probe.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"

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IRON Mobile Gateway

Key benefits:
    • Ready-to-go gateway
    • 16/32 GSM ports with up to 1:13 SIM ratio
    • Dynamic IP support and NAT transversal
    • IRON Suite Technology Powered
    • Technical support included
    • Bonus Credits and Promotions Management
Main features:
    • 16 or 32 Quadband GSM modules
    • Support simultaneously SIP and H.323
    • VOIP Codecs : G.723, G.729 and G.711
    • 64 or 128 SIMs capacity to any ports (1:4 ratio)
    • Extensible up to 416 SIMs cards (option)
    • SIM Allocation : Time, Usage (Calls, Daily Usage)
    • Prepaid SIM card management : Credit Check, Top-up, Transfer, Activation
    • SIM cards Bonus and Promotion support
"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/iron_mobile_gateway.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"


GSM Gateways

Key benefits:
    • Tri-Band,Quad-Band or UMTS modules
    • From 8 to 16 ports in 1U
    • Dynamic IP Support
    • Fully compatible with IRON Suite SIM Management solution
    • Easy configuration and deployment with IRON Call Manager
    • GSM Gateways fully supported by iQsim's support team
Main features:
    • Easy and powerful web based management
    • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card group
    • SIM travel simulation
    • Dynamic SIM swap
    • Prepaid SIM card management

"For more information, please refer to our website: http://www.iqsim.com/umts_gsm_gateways.htm
or contact us at info@iqsim.com"



GSM Gateway
ANTRAX GSM Gateway (VoIP gateway) consists of up to 15 GSM Boards per one universal 3U sub-rack.
Each GSM board supports 2 channels, i.e. simultaneous calls.
GSM modules used in VoIP GSM gateway support all band of GSM frequencies, GPRS, IMEI change and enables a hot swap of boards in sub-rack.

- Module architecture allows flexible configuration and pricing
- Premium-level technology guarantees high-quality call routes
- Supplied with Sim Server and GUI software, allowing remote control
- We provide help with setup and business launch, plus our own VoIP traffic

The client can choose individual structure of gateway, equipping it with the required number of channels (2 to 30). This feature also means the flexibility in GSM gateway price setting. The modular architecture allows ANTRAX users to place SIM cards apart from GSM gateways and connect them via IP.

This feature provides a huge advantage in terms of safety and removes limitations which could be applied to the topology of your call termination system.It is important to mention that the module-based structure of our product is a part of anti-anti-fraud system, which allows you to reduce the load on every single base station, placing GSM gateways in different locations, without compromising the overall capacity of your GSM termination system.

Group association allows you to associate more than one SIM card to every individual GSM module in GSM modem. It increases the reliability of the system and ensures its smooth operation when one or more SIM cards fail for some reason. In case of fail, the system will automatically replace SIM cards from the SIM array, which was previously associated with this GSM module, saving system capacity that could be temporarily lost in different situation.

SIM box includes the following elements:
Sub-rack with fifteen universal slots which provides power and cool the system
SIM-board that comprises 20 SIM cards
Each client has opportunity to choose individual structure of SIM box and use from 300 SIM cards during GSM termination. It is possible to combine GSM and SIM boards in one rack, so it is gsm sim box.

Module-based structure of the hardware of this product opens up a wide range of possibilities to its users, such as:

SIM cards could be placed separately from GSM modules (this option will require high-quality Internet connection between GSM-gateway and SIM box);
SIM cards which take part in termination of voice traffic and sms termination to different destinations/countries could be placed in the same spot, making it easy to control their activity (it is important when you have several GSM gateways located in different countries or in different regions of the same country and all sim cards involved in termination, may be located in one or more SIM boxes placed in the same spot), etc.

SIM cards rotation. One of the optimization algorithms of the system is the so-called Antrax “SIM-rotation”. SIM cards within each SIM box can be divided into groups, each of these groups can be assigned to a separate GSM-module of VoIP-gateway. Over time, the system is able to make changes within each group, changing SIM card which is responsible for making voice calls from one to another. This not only allows you to optimize resource consumption of every single “Sim”, but also gives a possibility to reduce their workload and, consequently, the suspicion of the mobile operators.

SIM cards migration. Antrax system is capable of registering the SIM cards on different GSM-modules with a specified frequency. If you have several GSM gateways located in different parts of the city, system will make SIM card to make calls from every gateway by turn, creating an illusion of subscriber movement, thus helping to protect your cards from blocking by the mobile operator.

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