iSoftel iRoute

A Session Border Controller, with advanced route optimization engine, for Telecom Operators and Large
Enterprises. iSoftel iRoute is vendor and protocol agnostic; adds business intelligence to the network
infrastructure with advanced features such as Call Margin protection, and Service Level Management, offering
significant cost savings in peering partner selection.

The rapid shift to VoIP in the telecom industry is creating demand for optimized call route management
solutions which bring the sophistication of traditional systems to the VoIP space. Such solutions enable
operators to leverage VoIP to lower costs, offer new and customised services to customers and to effectively
manage VoIP call routing in order to maximise margins in the increasingly competitive VoIP space.

iSoftel iRoute delivers directly to this need, offering world class route selection and call admission software
which enables operators and businesses to apply sophisticated routing capabilities such as percentage and
priority routing, quality of service based routing and least cost and time based routing in their VoIP networks.

The software is platform - independent, enabling operators to manage better call routing across a range of
TDM and IP switches, to consolidate and connect disparate networks, based on SIP, H.323 and PSTN by
integrating vendor neutral Gatekeeper functionality, SIP Server functionality and IP to IP protocol conversion
as part of the solution. This helps to optimize network services and business layers of customers. iSoftel

iSoftel iRoute Advantage

i. Reduced OPEX for Service Providers
ii. Better utilisation of network resources including bandwidth
iii. Centralized management of call routes
iv. Offer multiple customer service levels
v. Consolidation of disparate networks
vi. Highly Reliable CDR Generation


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