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iTelBilling is a Real Time VoIP Billing and Monitoring Software. It is one of the most efficient billing and monitoring software for large as well as medium and small VoIP service providers and operators with Originating, Terminating and Wholesale modules. The software gives you the opportunity to monitor intensively of your traffic as well as let you do analyze of your business situation with the built in Business Power Tool®.
1. Compatibility of iTelBilling

iTelBilling is compatible with following gateways, gatekeepers, or switches

a. Quintum
c. GnuGk (Gatekeeper)
e. MERA Soft switch and
f. any other gateways & gatekeeper which has RADIUS facility.

iTelBilling is also capable of sending balance figure to the display on IP phones from most of manufactures. e.g. H.S. Teliann.

2. Technical Features of iTelBilling

The platform of the software is open. It has been developed using Java Technology. You can run it on WINDOWS platform for simplicity or on UNIX platform for robust operation. The same openness you will enjoy in terms of database. You can use any database out of MS SQL, Oracle or MySQL. However, we have chosen MySQL as the default database.

3. Commercial and Monitoring Features of iTelBilling
a. This software is easy to use with complete flexibility. Maximum functionality at maximum simplicity is the basis of designing features of iTelBilling.
b. Authentication of the caller can be done based on any of as followings:
1. IP
2. Tech Prefix
3. Caller ID
4. Customer ID

c. Configuring rate is the heart of a VoIP billing software. iTelBilling is most flexible in configuring rates without any complexity

It can configure rate according to any of the followings or also any combination of the followings is possible

i. Destination or area code
ii. Terminating customer
iii. Originating customer
iv. ANI Based

You can configure rate for your customer and also for your own. So from the rate configuration, you can also determine how much is your variable cost to Telco or others. You can configure the rate as slotted or flat as you required. And you can make the slotted rate with unlimited number of options

d. Real Time Monitoring gives you the opportunity to monitor performance of your all gateways on a real time basis. You can monitor according to gateways, customers, area codes or any combinations of these. You can monitor ASR, ACD, and other important parameters along with duration. If one of the ports of a gateway or a telephone line of a gateway is not performing, then you can find it out very easily from the report and can take necessary actions. Even automated mail alert system can let you know which ports are working or which are not.

e. It will mail you if ASR or ACD for any gateways or any port of a Gateway is below than the preset level. It will help you to monitor your gateways more comfortably

f. Business Power Tool® is a very special power tool for whole sale carrier business. Every day rates as well as billing pattern (pulse) are changing and also billing pattern. But both of these changes have impact on your profitability. For analysis part, you can vary these two parameters and can check the new rate or billing pattern has been offered by your client is whether acceptable to you or not.

g. You can create any number of users with different right options. You can create some one who can only see the monitoring reports or who can view only financial reports depending on his role. At the same time certainly can create user with Admin capacity who will enjoy the full functionality.

h. Prepaid and Postpaid Options in iTelBilling will let you run both prepaid and postpaid systems to manage your clients. And you can also set an alert system for predefined level of credit or balance situation.

i. iTelBilling Give Online CDR/Bill check options to your client.
4. Features of GnuGk (Gatekeeper)

a. GnuGk routes calls to many gateways and gatekeepers. This gives the client a single calling point facility.
b. GnuGk can route calls according to given priority that ensures minimum cost and maximum quality.
c. In real applications, it is found that for two identical gateways, the one that receives call via GnuGk have less port hang problem and higher ASR.
d. You can control maximum duration of calls using GnuGk.
e. You can add/change/delete dialed number prefix to meet the target gateway/gatekeeper’s prefix requirement.
f. GnuGk can do call authorization and accounting with a billing software like iTelBilling.
g. GnuGk has call monitoring facility.
h. GnuGk is a very reliable and very stable gatekeeper.

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