iax.cc (aka sixTel.net, EXGN, and Vitelity Communications)

(Sixtel LLC and Exgn LLC merged to become Vitelity Communications.)

Vitelity Communications offers local DIDs in most cities in the US and Toll Free inbound as well as quality iax/sip termination to most destinations world wide. They feature instant account activation via a Web-based control panel. Toll-free DIDs chosen from a pre-allocated pool and are usually instantly activated. Vanity (or custom) Toll Free DIDs require several days for activation. These days, they seem to be using the Vitelity Communications brand most often.

Mission Statement

At the forefront of the Voice over IP revolution is Vitelity, an IP based wholesale communications company dedicated to developing and delivering a complete line of VoIP products and services, all focused on how we communicate now and into the future. By leverging its PSTN and IP network, Vitelity is one of the few carrier class VoIP providers ensuring call clarity, reliability and affordable services.

Our carrier and wholesale pricing is amoung the lowest. We offer local number services in 92% of the US calling areas and termination worldwide covering all destinations.

The products and services on Vitelity's network offer customers a vast array of new communications capabilities. We are constantly adding new innovative products and services to better serve our clients. One of the cutting edge services Vitelity provides is a backdoor API in our extensive telecommunications provisioning system. This allows customers to remotely provision and view settings for Enhanced 911 service, local number services, and much more. Our feature rich API, voice clarity and is just one of the many reasons over three thousand businesses and providers trust Vitelity with their wholesale communications needs. What will your reason be?


Service is pay-as-you-go, with small monthly charges for DIDs.

Rates are as follows:

ServiceMonthly FeeCall Cost
US Local Number$1.49/month$0.011 / min
Canada Local Number$2.75/month$0.0139 / min
Toll Free DIDs Number$0.50/month$0.019/ min

LNP for local DIDs and Toll free is available.

Wholesale solutions can be as low as 1.1c/minute for termination and .6c/minute for origination plus $1 per did. Virtual-PRI pricing starts at $20 per channel. (All pricing depends on volume and may require minimum commitment).


  • Asterisk-friendly
  • Support for low bitrate codecs (including g.729)
  • Auto account balance replenishment via credit card
  • Prompt customer support through trouble ticket system


  • Minimum account replenishment amount is $20
  • Toll-free numbers are unreachable from pay phones

Vendor Communications

2005-10-12 - Update

Although we admit mistakes have been made and will be made, we are working to make sure that customers experience with sixTel is a good one. I know there have been some complaints about our support in the past but we have added more people to our support team and have dedicated staff to email, IM and phones. New upgrades and direct connections to our carriers have improved quality and reliability on our network. We now service thousands of asterisk users all over the world and have been serving the Asterisk and SIP community for almost two years. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.

-chris, sixtel, cg (at) sixtel.net

2005-08-31 - Geek Gazette has just posted a new guide on using Iax.cc/SixTel with Asterisk@Home 1.5

RE: Emergency tickets

We had to impliment a system of balances. Due to our large user base, customers were submitting emergency tickets when there was no emergency causing people to be woken up at 3am. Most of these were from International users but our policy had to affect everyone. To this day we have not charged anyone the fee even though people still submit bad tickets. This is not fraud or a scam.

I would also like to point out that many of the people below that complained were helped and are still customers of ours. If any customer feels that they have been dealt with unfairly I ask you email me directly (cg at sixtel.net) and I will take care of any problem you may have.

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