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The magicJack Plus 2014 is the upgrade to the magicJack Plus that allows you to connect your home phone to your computer to be able to make unlimited calls for $19.95 per year. The magicJack Plus 2014 is different from the magicJack Plus in that it allows connection over Wi-Fi. Read magicJack Plus 2014 reviews below from current and former customers, or write your own magicJack Plus 2014 review if you have experience using the magicJack Plus 2014.

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Greet MagicJack Plus

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I love my MagicJack Plus. Last year I purchased my MagicJack from Walmart for $85 (including tax). I have not had a phone bill for 18 months since then. The sound reception is good. My Incoming phone messages would automatically be saved in an e-mail. The MagicJack works off my internet. All I am required to do is to register my phone for $30 yearly after the initial year. I can call anyone around the world or the country and talk for unlimited hours and it’s free. However, it does have its own idiosyncrasy. Phone does not work when the internet is down and sometimes it would drop calls if I am on the phone for a long period (more then hour). Still, I love my MagicJack. Love never having a phone bill! It is the cheapest phone service ever.


Sound Quality Reliability Features Customer Service Price Overall User Rating

works as good or better than any I have used I have tried several over the years glad they came out with the plus but still like to have it connected thru computer to see call log instead of having to log on too my account

The magicJack Plus 2014 is the new version of the magicJack Plus that offers Wi-Fi connectivity and superior voice quality to the original device. Read reviews of the magicJack 2014.

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