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Project Summary

miTester for SIP is an automated SIP testing tool designed and developed to take care of the complex pre-deployment testing of SIP applications easily. This SIP testing tool can be used to simulate SIP call-flows & automate functional, regression tests.

miTester for SIP is the right solution for those people who are work effective and time conscious. The remarkable advantage of miTester for SIP is that we can automate the testing of any SIP Application.

miTester for SIP works on two modes: USER mode and ADVANCED mode of call flows execution.

miTester for SIP architectural model uses the globally accepted SIP Stack and Server programming that offers a range of constructs from simple and very high level to complex-low level interfaces to control and test every aspect of SIP call flows.
Design of this framework includes achieving the test result from simple to complex call flows for all SIP applications. USER and ADVANCED modes of testing is incorporated in this framework which makes the testing process simple.

Simple syntax of Client scripts and server scripts in XML format makes the simulation of call flows easier. Care is taken to cover all test types. miTester for SIP supports RFC standards - RFC 3261, RFC 2976, RFC 3428, RFC 3265, RFC 3262, RFC 3311, RFC 3903, RFC 3455.

miTester for SIP is an open source software project, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). All source code is freely available under the GPL. License

A case study on ADVANCED mode of testing SIP Communicator ( using miTester for SIP is done and published. In this mode, the basic call flows if SIP Communicator is automated. At a click of a button, the test executions complete producing the test reports and test logs.

Getting started

You can download the release package miTester for SIP V1.0 published on sourceforge to start using the tool. Packages: miTester for SIP V1.0

You can also download the documents published on wiki page. Getting started with miTester for SIP

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