open source web2.0 VoIP video conferencing software for Asterisk

VoIP and VVoIP solutions provider VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. launches Alpha Version of VMukti (Formerly known as 1videoconference) — One of the World’s First open source web based video conferencing solution for Asterisk.

Developers at VMukti have again succeeded in becoming some of the world's first innovators to stream asterisk audio/ video channels to web browsers, clearing the way for the most advanced video solutions such as, IP TV, video conferencing, video contact center, remote surveillance, video kiosk and video pbx etc.,

VMukti is an open source solution uploaded on Source forge. Released recently, this product allows web, audio/ video phone, skype, msn and yahoo users to participate in multipoint video conference. It empowers businesses to offer innovative online video services like TV shows, photography shows, marketing events, network games, social community sites, video wiki, blogs and forums, video tutorials, video library and more.

VMukti has turned out to be a great boon in Disguise. A farmer can now show his destroyed crops to Scientist sitting in another corner of world & know the exact reason of harvest failure within few minutes. World best learning Institutes Oxfords & Harvard’s can now impart education at a time to many students at a time spread across the world. Companies spread across the World can have board meetings together at a time thus saving cost as well deciding new strategies. VMukti has truly turned as a cost & time saving boon for community at large. Blending the advanced technologies of .NET3.0 & Asterisk it has brought the World all the more closer.

VMukti is tailor-made according to the present and future need of the customers. One of the extensive features of it is that if the internet connection of any of the meeting attendees goes down then with the help of coordinator they can switch over to the mobile and can continue at least with voice conferencing.

VMukti is a rich web communication system that gives professionals from all spheres of the world full control of enterprise-class web conferencing, online training, Audience poll, Destop-Sharing,co-browsing,Whiteboard, weblink, remote monitoring, co-authoring & many more features for collaborative communications of entire organization. All one needs is a desktop, a headphone, moderate internet connection of 256kbps. Combination of open source Asterisk software and state of the art VMukti platform enables customers to implement VoIP video solutions at more than 40% cost savings as compared to available solutions in the market. VMukti is available on both a hosted basis and as a software that can be deployed on-premise.

In the words of Mr. Hardik Sanghvi President and CEO of VMukti, "VMukti is true enabler of video/ voice and data interactions among the web and phone users." Sanghvi went on to say, "Being open source, webbased and foot print free, video enabled and cost effective, VMukti, as I envision, will change the way people and businesses collaborate on day to day basis ."

VMukti has also joined hands with Jason Cox – the industry leading internet marketing expert to form Marketersource Technologies, to cater to the business related to VMukti in North America.

How to Download and other details available at vmukti website
OR at :
VMukti at Sourceforge
VMukti wiki at Sourceforge
VMukti at Codeplex
VMukti wiki at Codeplex

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