pbxnsip is a SIP-based IP PBX which runs on various platforms, including Windows and Linux. There is a appliance available that runs on 128 MB memory and includes a 4-port FXO gateway. The design goals were stability, security, pragmatic interoperability and reduction of the management costs.

It uses only the SIP protocol to talk to external components. Most VOIP Phones and VoIP Gateways today support the SIP protocol, and also the manufacturers of PCI cards are offering a SIP interface that can be used to talk to the PBX (for example, Dialogic and AudioCodes). Phones like Aastra, Cisco 79xx, Polycom, Linksys, or snom can be automatically configured, there is a tftp/http/https server included that generates configuration files on the fly.

The PBX supports SRTP and SIP TLS. This way, it is possible to set up secure registrations and keep the whole SIP traffic private. The keys for SRTP are negotiated through this secure tunnel, so that the whole phone conversation can stay private.

It also supports multiple network interfaces. This makes it possible to run it on both private and public IP addresses and mix it with VPN and IPv6 interfaces. This works on Windows-based platforms like Windows Server Web Edition as well as on Linux-based platforms like Debian, RedHat or SuSE. This makes it also possible to run the PBX both in several VLAN with different IP addresses.

The project is a commercial product using C++. The focus was on robustness and memory leaks. The memory footprint is relatively low, and the setup is primitive. Internally, it works like the "good old PBX" with a media backplane, so that features like call recording, call barge in or teach mode are possible without involving the conference server.

The pbxnsip PBX connects to other Microsoft Products like Microsoft Exchange 2007, OCS or Microsoft Speech Server. IPv6 is supported.

VoiceStudio has released an Australian Voice Pack VoiceStudio

The pbxnsip has its own Wiki at http://wiki.pbxnsip.com and a forum at http://forum.pbxnsip.com.


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http://www.yealink.com/ - TI VoIP solution, with HD voice

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