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Loading the latest frimware on a polycom can be difficult. trixbox make this easy by providing RPMs with the latest Polycom 3.0 firmware. Once you have the firware installed on your trixbox you can scan the network for phones and upgrade them from the trixbox web GUI!

The latest Polycom phone firmware is now in the package manager. It works well with the trixbox endpoint manager. Install the rpm and run setup-polycom from command line. If you are having problem installing this rpm from the package manager you can install it from command line.

wget http://yum.trixbox.org/centos/5/RPMS/firmware-polycom-3.0.1-2.noarch.rpm
rpm -i --force firmware-polycom-3.0.1-2.noarch.rpm

The command "setup-polycom" will write the correct server IP on polycom config files, you need to run this each time the pbx server IP changes.

To get your phone updated make sure it is using the trixbox tftp server. If it's a new phone do the following.

1. reboot the phone
2. press setup and enter password (456)
3. select "Server Menu"
4. change server type to "Trivial FTP"
5. change "Server Address" to the ip address of your trixbox
6. press exit twice and select "Save & reboot"

Your phone well reboot a few times to load the Boot ROM and firmware.

When it's done go into the endpoint manager and search for new phones.
Select your phone and pick an extension from the list.
reboot your phone and start making calls!

Andrew, whats the default tftp password?
Might be a good idea to include this information here.

Where to buy Polycom Phones:

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