Open source reference implementation of the SIP stack and sample applications. Implemented in C++. Works on many UNIX variants, Mac OS/X, Windows, and more.
Original Website: http://www.resiprocate.orgl

From the website: (updated 2004.07.10)

The reSIProcate project aims at building a freely available, completely standards based and complete reference implementation of a SIP stack including an easy to use application layer API. The reSIProcate stack is currently used in several commercial products and is very stable. reSIProcate is ideally suited to individuals or companies that are implementing one of the following SIP applications:

  • Phones (eg. embedded)
  • Softphones (any platform)
  • Gateways
  • Proxies
  • B2buas
  • IM / Presence Servers or Clients.

ReSIProcate is no longer part of

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