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sipX – Easy to use, scalable, and feature rich open source unified communications and IP PBX solution for Linux

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sipX is a complete open source SIP based unified communications solution. With a comprehensive plug & play management system fully available in open source, sipXecs is made for non-technical people. Installation and configuration is all automated and GUI based, phones from over 10 manufacturers are plug & play managed including auto-discovery, full configuration, directory management, speed dial, BLF, and firmware management, and users are provided with a feature rich personal Web portal for self-service administration. Typically the company receptionist takes on the task of system administration being responsible for all adds, moves and changes to the system.

sipX runs on standard Linux and does not require any proprietary add-on cards or kernel drivers. It is a native SIP solution built around a fully standards based SIP proxy call server at its core. Load-sharing redundancy can be established easily by adding additional call servers with typical configurations using 1, 2, or 4 redundant call servers. Should a server fail no calls are interrupted since media is not routed through the call server proxies. Not routing calls through the call server also enhances voice quality and allows the solution to scale easily. Additional services are added as SIP based application servers for voicemail, IVR and auto-attendant, call park, group paging, presence, conferencing, and SIP trunking gateway and NAT traversal services. PSTN gateway redundancy and failover are easily possible adding more than one external gateway. Such gateways can be setup remote in branch offices or centralized in a single location. sipXecs is a Web services enabled application offering a Web Services SOAP interface northbound for all its management and configuration capabilities allowing Web mashups and IT integration. Other IT integration capabilities include Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange integration, LDAP synchronization, and SNMP diagnostics using an alarm server.

sipX cooperates with the FreeSWITCH project where sipX now incorporates FreeSWITCH as its new media server initially offering highly scalable and feature rich conferencing and IVR capabilities. The FreeSWITCH server runs as an additional application server alongside all the other sipXecs components. It is fully integrated with the sipX Web based management system offering centralized configuration, process control and diagnostics. Every user is automatically configured with a personal conferencing bridge based on group permission settings and dynamic conference controls are offered to every user over the personal sipX Web portal.

sipX is installed in a lot of places, large and small. Deployments include professional offices, universities, school district and local government, manufacturing, retail, and parts of the financial and insurance industry.

In 2007 Nortel Networks created the Nortel Software Communications System SCS500 based on sipXecs. It is sold through different Nortel channels among them Dell, IBM and HP under the name SCS500. The SCS500 is positioned up to 500 users and in some channels up to 1,000 users covering single office and multi-branch deployments. In 2008 Nortel Networks acquired Pingtel Corp, the main contributor to sipX, which led to a renewed commitment and an acceleration of the open source project. The main code contributor since 2010 has been eZuce Incorporated

Also in 2008 OnRelay announced that its mobile PBX (MBX) is based on sipXecs. PlantCML is using sipXecs for its 911 emergency call center offering.

In 2010 eZuce was formed after Nortel was acquired into Avaya. eZuce forked sipXecs and continues to actively develop and enhance the code as sipXcom

Part of the sipX solution is a large set of localization packages for many different regions and countries, including USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Canadian French, Italy and Holland. Localization packages are easily installable from the admin GUI and include full GUI translation, localized voice prompts for media services, and local dial plans.

sipX is a native SIP communications solution strictly following and implementing all the relevant SIP IETF standards.

sipXecs, including the complete sipXecs Web based management system, are licensed by SIPfoundry under AGPL with an additional Contributor Agreement.

sipXcom and its supporting services are licensed by eZuce under AGPL with NO contributor agreement.

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  • The main Linux distribution (the one most developers use) is either Fedora Core or CentOS/RHEL. This is the distribution best tested with sipXecs and installation media, namely single CD installers, are available
  • sipX supports 64 bit operating systems

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