From website - March 2004

sipd is a high performance, scalable SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) proxy and location server written in C. It is thread-based and highly modular, and its location database and transaction layers are based on hashtables for increased performance and scalability. It has only been tested under Linux, but the layered design eases porting to other platforms. SX-Design distributes this server under the GPL license. We hope people will find it useful and provide us with feedback and patches.

The proxy is in an early stage of development, and supports basic SIP proxy features. Currently, documentation does not exist. The sipd proxy is not an official product of SX Design, it is an in-house development project made available to the open source community. Thus, SX Design does not provide any official support, although our developers will do their best to help if they have the time and problems are properly documented.

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