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Linux-based hardphone.

  • Snom Product Page
  • Tilt-adjustable, backlit 128x64 LCD
  • 150mhz Infineon INCA-IP (MIPS R4k cpu), 16mb ram, 4mb flash.
  • 47 keys, 12 leds for BLF and 1 LED for MWI/SMS
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Dual 10/100 ethernet, supports 802.3af PoE
  • End of sale by SNOM in May 2010, end of support announced for 2012

Quick suggestions for reliable operation

  • When using it with Asterisk (See also: Asterisk phone snom)
    • Set "Challenge Response on Phone" to "off" (otherwise, the phone presents a login screen from time to time) - mjc
    • Set "RTP Encryption" to "off" (otherwise, only one outgoing call succeeds after a reboot; subsequent ones seem to fail!) - mjc
  • Network Switch Issues
    • Use a "quality" ethernet switch. Some have suggested that the Snoms are sensitive to network glitches caused by "cheap" switches (reboots, freezes). Avoid unmanaged switches. - mjc
    • Make sure that "Advanced > Action on Ethernet cable replug" is set to "ignore", rather than reboot. - mjc
    • If your Snom suffers reboots or freezes, try disabling the speed auto-negotiation on your switch (if this is configurable - it is on most managed and "semi-managed" switches) and forcing it to 100M / full-duplex. - mjc
    • Use shielded ethernet cable (STP) rather than unshielded (UTP) - mjc
      • Using a STP cable won't help if your switch is not grounded, which many cheap ones arent, in this case use the STP cable to connect the phone to the computers NIC, which is grounded. (This was taken from the Snom Wiki FAQ) - mike240se
    • We have a couple of Snom 360s connected to a Netgear PoE switch. In general, everything works fine, but we have noticed that if the phones are disconnected from the switch for more than a few minutes, they will not power up again until we give them a 'kick start' by plugging in their DC mains adaptors for a few seconds. We wondered if the issue is down to a reservoir capacitor in the phones that goes 'too flat' (or is too leaky) for the Netgear switch to charge up. The switch does indicate that it knows a device has been plugged in and needs power. On one occasion we left a 'dead' Snom plugged in and it sprang back to life several hours later. - Linker3000
  • Other Hardware Problems
    • If the LCD becomes garbled after time: ask for a replacement. This is a "known issue" (thermal problem). - mjc
    • Also you can follow this instructions, seems to be related to a bad conector. - seaq
    • Reboot the phones nightly, just to be safe. See the sample perl script at Asterisk phone snom for an example of how to do this. - mjc
    • If you experience static or a loud hum in the handset which goes from intermittent to all the time and using a STP cable doesnt help you have a grounding problem or the like in the phone, ask for a replacement. This has happened on 2 of my 360's being used at 2 different locations. - mike240se
  • Other
    • Snom email support is pretty responsive: - mjc

Cannot select identities with the up/down dpad?

If your Snom 360 seems to be working OK but you cannot move between identities with the up/down keys on the dpad, check your identity settings via the phone's web interface and make sure you have put the SIP account ID (extension number) in BOTH the Account AND Authentication Username fields.

If you have forgotten to do this, you may also find that any attempt to dial out results in a 'Forbidden' message. - Linker3000

Phone auto-provisions from a central server (when you don't want it to)

When a factory fresh, or factory reset, phone is plugged in, the first thing it does is check the Snom provisioning server for a config file. If your phone has previously been provisioned by a Snom equipment provider (eg: Provu) it will again receive a Provu config. If this is not what you want (eg: you purchased your phone/s second-hand), do one of the following:

  • Remove the phone's Internet connection on first boot and remove the entry for the Snom provisioning server.
  • Use a network where DHCP hands out a TFTP server address for configuration.
  • Email snom support and they will remove your phone's MAC from the auto-provision database so it won't happen again... from a comment by -IronHelix

Unlocking the provisioning settings

If you buy a second-hand Snom phone, you may find that it has its provisioning settings locked to a certain service provider so that, whatever you do, some or all of your personal settings keep getting overwritten. The following XML code unlocks the provisioning settings AND turns auto-provisioning off.

To use this code, save it as a .xml file (eg: unlock.xml) and then (for V7 firmware):

Login to your phone's Web interface
Click menu options: Advanced...Update.
Browse for your saved xml file to put its name in the box marked "Upload Setting File manually:"
Click Load
Wait for your phone to reboot

You will then find that the Update Policy is set to "Never update, do not load settings" and the Setting URL is empty and editable.

Code Below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<setting_server perm="RW"></setting_server>
<update_server perm="RW"></update_server>
<update_policy perm="RW">never_update</update_policy>
<subscribe_config perm="RW">off</subscribe_config>
<pnp_config perm="RW">off</pnp_config>

The above XML code was used successfully on 360s with V7 firmware. It's possible that earlier firmware does not support config files in XML format (the author doesn't have access to any phones below V7 at this time) and so below is the same code in the older config file format - it may work with pre V7 firmware but this has not been tested at the time of writing:

subscribe_config!: off
pnp_config!: off
update_policy!: never_update

- Linker3000

DST Issue :

- snomy (3/26/07)

Please read more about it here:

QoS/ToS Issues :

- Kamil Wencel (1/30/07)

A lot of people are asking how to interpret the 'TOS Value 160' mentioned in the documentation and what to set in order to get '0x18' the value most asterisk config files use.
The answer is more tricky than it appeared at first because all links found in the comments and on google are gone and those you can find are really useless,
except the new SNOM Knowledgebase :

According to SNOM the correct value for RTP/SIP ToS is basically 4 times the decimal value of your desired hex string. In our case (0x18) that would be 96

HEX:0x18=DEC:24 | 24*4=96

You can verify this with help of the table below.
IP Prec IP Prec Bin DSCP Class DSCP Bin DSCP Hex DCSP Dec TOS value (snom)
0 000 Best Effort 000000 0x00 0 0
1 001 CS 1 001000 0x08 8 32
AF11-Low 001010 0x0A 10 40
AF12-Medium 001100 0x0C 12 48
AF13-High 001110 0x0E 14 56
2 010 CS 2 010000 0x10 16 64
AF21-Low 010010 0x12 18 72
AF22-Medium 010100 0x14 20 80
AF23-High 010110 0x16 22 88
3 011 CS 3 011000 0x18 24 96
AF31-Low 011010 0x1A 26 104
AF32-Medium 011100 0x1C 28 112
AF33-High 011110 0x1E 30 120
4 100 CS 4 100000 0x20 32 128
AF41-Low 100010 0x22 34 136
AF42-Medium 100100 0x24 36 144
AF43-High 100110 0x26 38 152
5 101 CS 5 101000 0x28 40 160
Expedited Fwdg 100010 0x2E 46 184

After setting the value to 96 in my SNOM I ran tcpdump and all packets from * TO the 360 were correctly tagged 0x18 whereas all packages FROM the snom to * were tagged 0x60. This clearly is not what the documentation above states. While thinking about brute force probing every value inbetween 0 and 255 I decided to simply put in 24 for a test. Voila. Next tcpdump had all packets to and from the snom tagged 0x18.

Conclusions: As of right now (FW 6.5.2), feed your SNOM the DCSP Dec value of your * DCSP Hex value to have them corresponding.


Latest v6.5x firmware: 6.5.15
Latest v7.x firmware: 7.1.30 7.3.23 But first learn how to upgrade to v7 here!!!
Most stable firmware: 6.2.3 (Nov/07/06)
Previous release firmware: 6.5 (Oct/23/06) BLF doesn't work with Asterisk; Very buggy! do not use.

Firmware Notes (Snom 360 firmware 7.x)

This section is for 7.x only

  • MAJOR: (May 7, 2009) The phone does not seem to recover well from network disruptions that cause it to lose contact with a remote (Asterisk) server - the registration shows 'network failure' on the system information page and a manual re-register via the Web interface does not reconnect the phone. The only fix is a reboot. First noticed on firmware 7.3.14 14957 but also seen with a phone running 7.1.30. - Linker 3000

  • MAJOR: When phone settings are saved in xml format, password fields are always saved as "*****". If the settings file is then reloaded, all passwords (including those for SIP accounts) literally become "*****" - ie: five stars. Firmware 7.3.14 14957. - Linker 3000
    • NOTE: (May 7, 2009) I'm not sure this is a bad thing. I view this as similar to how passwords arent displayed on the web interface... although it does make restoring a phone a bit harder... -IronHelix

Firmware Notes (Snom 360 firmware 6.x)

This section is for 6.x only, if you are using 5.x still please post your bug/note in Snom 360 Legacy Firmware Notes. If you still experience a bug please move it up from 5.x section, thank you. And I think I speak for all Snom users when I say thank you snom for working hard on firmware updates and listening to the customers requests, please keep up the great work, the snom 360 could be come THE phone for voip. - mike240se (4/13/06), edited by IronHelix (12/14/06)

If you add something here, PLEASE sign your post and also comment your edit for the Wiki History! - IronHelix (12/14/06)

Bugs/Feature Requests/Tweaks

  • MAJOR: (Jul 23, 2007) Calls are not hungup on the asterisk box randomly causing infinite dead lines. Mostly when dialing out on the 360. Started with 6.5.10. - mike240se

  • MAJOR: (Nov 08, 2006) Transfer button cannot be reprogrammed to produce DTMF sequence ## to initiate a transfer on our Trixbox server. Firmware 6.5 - dgoner

  • MAJOR: (Nov 08, 2006) Phone is set to headset mode. Incoming call comes in while user is typing a number on the keypad and the phone kicks out of headset mode and into speakerphone mode for the duration of the dialing sequence. Firmware 6.5 & 6.5.1 - dgoner

  • MAJOR: (Nov 07, 2006) Incoming call on line 1 is put on hold. Another incoming call on line 2 is put on hold. Line 1 is picked up and a transfer to an internal extension is attempted. Callers on both line 1 and line 2 are disconnected and neither get transfered. Firmware 6.5 - dgoner

  • MAJOR: (Oct 25, 2006) Call Display is showing an ip address with line number, too much junk! Firmware 6.5. - hookhook

  • MAJOR: (Oct 5, 2006) Custom Ringtone doesn't work in Firmware 6.2.3. In the phone settings, I select Ringer1 for line1 (100). Although I set exten => 100,1,SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info: <>") before dial in extention.conf, the phone always play Ringer1 - hookhook

  • MAJOR: (Aug 28, 2006) Using firmware version 6.2 and 6.2.3 (perhaps happens also with others) I've seen this: Let's say A1 and A2 are outside callers, B is the operator with an snom360, C1, C2 are internal users with extensions. A1 calls B. B Answers. A2 calls B. By now, B knows they must transfer A1 to C1. B puts A1 on hold. B dials C1 (without first picking up A2's call). C1 answers, and B announces the call. B presses the transfer button. Now, C1 and B keep connected, and A1 and A2 are transfered together. I think this may be related to Teran's feature request below (the one related to Destination buttons). What this means is that two outside callers are being linked together (Imagine two patients of a hospital asking each other for the doctor). A workaround is to pickup all incoming calls before attempting a transfer (which is weird). - jsollano

  • MAJOR: (Aug 18, 2006) Asterisk Hint/BLF is broken in Firmware 6.3. 6.2.3 is fine. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (Oct 02/06) Fixed in 6.5 beta -hookhook
    • NOTE: (Oct 25/06) Hint/BLF is broken again in Firmware 6.5 release. BLF led won't light up when a call is parked on that extension. hookhook
    • NOTE: (Oct 25/06) Hookhook are you saying it works EXCEPT when a call is parked or it doesnt work at all? Will it show in-use when on a call and the light goes off when the phone is free? -mike240se

  • MAJOR: (Jul 26/06) Power failures for 5 hours yesterday in my area, when power came back, three of the snom360s can't boot up properly, the screen is blank, the background led keeps lighting up. In order to fix this problem, I have to unplug the POE network cable for about a minute and then replug or plugin the external power supply and let it run for a few minutes and then switch back to POE. Firmware 6.2.2, POE Switch: Linksys 24 Ports - HookHook
    • NOTE: (Jul 31/06) Did you already send that to - snomy
    • NOTE: (Jul 31/06) Just sent. - hookhook
    • MAJOR: (Aug 1/06) Similar problem here. Lightning storm and power loss caused the Snom PoE function to fail in the two phones at the site. The 360s will power up from the AC adaptor, but the PoE function doesn't seem to work at all (phone doesn't boot or light up). The other equipment (CPUs, firewalls) were not damaged. One of Netgear FS108P POE switches is now dead, the other is OK. - mjc
    • NOTE: (Aug 02/06) This is something different. It looks pretty much like the lightning storm has damaged the phones and netgear switch! - snomy
    • NOTE: (May 12/08) We had similar issues. After unplugging the network cable and plugging it in again it happened from time to time that several phones did not start up again. One phone does not work with PoE any more at all since then. For the other phones booting with the AC adaptor and then unplugging it used to work. This occurred with an ASUS power injector as well as a HP Procurve 5412. - chrismm

  • MAJOR: (Jul 24/06) I have to setup a cronjob to reboot phones every night in order to keep snom phones trouble free, but one of them froze this morning, the screen keep showing "Rebooting.......". I am so disappointed about the stability of these snom phones. Please design the firmware much stable, just like the cisco. I have a Cisco 7960 at home. Never Reboot for six months now. Works perfectly! - HookHook
    • NOTE: (Jul 31/06) Why do you have to reboot the phones daily ? What problems are you facing otherwise? - snomy
    • NOTE: (Jul 31/06) See below. - hookhook

  • MAJOR: (July5/06) After the phone runs a few days, when page, the phone can still auto-answer and display connected, but no sound coming out from the speaker. A reboot can temporary fix this problem. Firmware 6.2.2 HookHook

  • MAJOR: (Jun08/06) Place a call on Line 1, wait for connect, put on hold. Place call on Line 2, wait for connect, then press conference button (conference Snom360, Line 1 and Line 2). Everything is OK, but if you then press MUTE - Line 1 and Line 2 cannot talk to each other. I.E. muting is on Snom360 Mic and for RTP from Line 1 to Line 2; and from Line 2 to Line 1. Tradition PBX's don't work this way - when pressing mute the local Mic would only be muted, and Line 1 and 2 could still talk to eachother; also verified Polycom 601 works as desired. I've seen this problem in version 6.1 as well as many previous versions. =gcallcentric
    • NOTE: (Jun09/06) Confirmed on all 6.x prior to 6.2 on 2 360s and 1 320. Makes it impossible to mute audio in noisy room situations during a 3 way call. - SDjernes
    • NOTE: (Jun10/06) Confirmed bug still present in beta 6.2.2 on a 320. - ipaterson

  • MAJOR: (Apr 21/06) Sound unusuable after being silently on-line for about 30 minutes (Asterisk 1.2, ChanSpy, nothing to spy on = silence); at some point a high-pitch tone ("feeeeeeeeep") appears. Killing the connection kills the tone, however it is back as soon as you open another line to dial out - no audio possible, reboot necessary. This has also been the case with the 5.x firmwares (usually without that tone, but still no audio, reboot required, sometimes even a power cycle). - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (Jul 20/06) Still an issue with 6.2.2 - JustRumours

  • MINOR: (Dec14/06) MUTE key does not produce an icon on the display. The only way to tell if Mute is on is the lack of sidetone (you can't hear yourself a little bit in the speaker) - iH

  • MINOR: (Apr 28/06) After flashing one of my Snom 360's to 6.0 the speakerphone volume is now extrememly low, even at full volume. The settings file reads 15 but its about as loud as other snom 360's at 5. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May19/06) Unfortunately upgrading to the latest 6.x didnt help, I believe this is possibly a hardware issue now, but it was caused by an upgrade to 6.0. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May26/06) Just upgraded to 6.0.5 and its still a problem BUT the phone's ring is still full loudness so the speaker isnt broken, so i am thinking its not hardware related afterall. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jul02/06) If no one else has had this problem I am going to remove it, I think its a hardware problem that just happened at a odd time. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jul07/06) Have this issue, on about 20 phones, researching the issue with a line set to auto answer for paging. - lathama

  • MINOR: (Jun06/06) Phone does not always obey "Auto-Answer Alert" Setting. This has been since 5.3.6 but still in 6.0.4. Sometimes it can be fixed by turning it off and back on, but this is not a consistant fix. =SDjernes

  • TWEAK: (Apr 21/06) During a call the callerid information is still too big and on one line, which means you only see the name and maybe a couple digits of the number. Even though fonts have been reduced, this font is still huge. Either making it two lines or making the text smaller would resolve this problem. As mentioned before, you could end up seeing "Mobile Caller 19" - mike240se
    • (May 17/06) Yes, please, break the name and number into two lines! - mjc
    • (May 28/06) Oooh yes! I'd suggest the first line in a big font, and the second line smaller; depening on the user preferences that could be e.g. line 1 displaying the name, and line 2 showing the number! - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (Jun 01/06) A little help may be the new "Number Display Style" "Number + Name"?! - snomy
    • (Jun 06/06) Have an option to use the Old Large Font with data on two lines. This will prevent those of us who are near sighted from leaning over the phone to read the CallerID. SDjernes
    • (Jul 04/07) You can set "Ringer Animation" to off and the Caller ID will display on two lines as requested...

  • TWEAK: (May 25/06) When the phone is in idle state, the handset is on hook and dial a phone number, the phone usually skips playing the first digit "beep" sound, but the rest digits do play "beep" sound. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (May26/06) Confirmed - Reproduced. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jun06/06) Confirmed - All of my 360s and 320 do this 6.0.4 - SDjernes
    • NOTE: (Jun09/06) Confirmed - This problem still exists on 360 in version 6.2 - gcallcentric

  • TWEAK: (May 25/06) The speaker and handset volume is not loud enough. Firmware 5 seems a bit louder. - hookhook

  • TWEAK: (Jun13/06) Please can I have the ringtone out to the handset even when the handset is on-hook - I really would like to get the Snoms working with the Plantronics CS60 and HL-10 without having to use the microphone (which doesn't like the default Snom ringtone!!).

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (Jul 20/06) I need support for more than one expansion keypad - the keypads are built to daisy-chain, but the firmware doesn't support it. I need to roll out a 100+ installation and need a receptionist's phone with enough buttons. (please don't suggest FOP or the like - it's got to be done at the handset level).- Vitell

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (Jul 20/06) I've been longing for a 'fallback registration' feature so that in case the SIP registrar (or Asterisk) is gone the user does not have to manually select another identity in order to be able to place an outgoing call. A sleek way to go about this would be to define one of the 12 lines as backup to any other line. It'd be important, however, to automagically return to the original line once the registrar is back up again. - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (Jul 13/06) We have chosen Grandstream because the Snom firmware does not support "Early Dial". Any chance of getting this implemented? - dpnss_user
    • NOTE: (Jul 20/06) I think you need to take a closer look at the 'dialplan' features of your SNOM phone. Apart from that, with Asterisk you can always use something like DISA to achieve the same as "early dial", coupled with the 'baby phone' features of SNOM - JustRumours
    • UPDATE: (Apr 5/07) Snom phones do support this, but it is called "Overlapdial". However, it won't let me dial numbers starting with a hash for some reason. - dpnss_user
    • UPDATE2: (Jan 8/08) This bug has finally been fixed and Overlap dial now works in v7 firmware. - dpnss_user

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (Jul 7/06) It would be nice to be able to disable the autoanswer of incoming calls when pressing a Destination button as this default behavior automatically transfers an incoming call to that destination. As it stands, if you pick up the handset, reach for a destination button, and your phone rings you will transfer that call to the destination. This is nasty if you have an asterisk parking slot programmed to a destination since you effectly bridge two outside callers. - Teran

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (July7/06) The ability to have the phone report busy or automatically deny incoming call if handset if offhook. At the very least, an ringing inbound call should not interupt trying to dial out. - Teran

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (July 6/06) I have multiple SIP proxies configured on my Snom 360 phone. It would be nice if there was a feature that if I am on a call with proxy 2, that my call state would also show as on a call on proxy 1. I.E. Line 1 (proxy 1)is set to my local office PBX, and my Line 2 (proxy 2) is set to another proxy; so when I was on a call with proxy 2 other people in my office would see that I am on the phone (LED state) even though technically I am using another proxy for my call. - gcallcentric
    • NOTE: (Jul 20/06) You could look at either the action URLs to transmit state info to the other proxy, or possibly examine the "publish presence" option in more details (and probably configure your SIP proxies to pass this along to the other proxy?) - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (June 6/06) One Additional Update feature. Have the phone play a soft beep at the TFTP prompt and when the yes/no prompts are presented. Also some sort of progress tones during the update. - SDjernes

  • FEATURE REQUEST: I would like to see the ability to assign a button a macro type task, so that for example pressing a button transfers a call to an exact extension, such as 700 for park, so the user could just hit a single button to park a call using asterisk. Would also open other possibilites. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Apr14/06) Lame workaround: you can program a "#700" DTMF sequence, which will achieve one-button parking, but everyone can hear the annoying tone burst. Better workaround: set one BLF key to "ParkOrbit 700". But you are right, fuller reprogrammability of the non-BLF keys would be great! - mjc

  • FEATURE REQUEST:(Similar to above) Allow non-LED keys to be re-programmed as park orbit keys. For instance, change the "Hold" button to a "F_PARKORBIT:700" function. (These keys can be re-programmed as other functions, but "F_PARKORBIT" doesn't seem to exist.) - mjc
    • NOTE: (Apr13/06) Is this request for Snom's 4S iPBX or is this for asterisk? If for asterisk, i was under the impression snom's park orbit feature doesnt work with asterisk??? - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Apr14/06) Asterisk. Using a BLF key as "ParkOrbit 700" works great for parking calls for me. Use the metermaid patch ( for parked-call BLF pickup keys. - mjc

    • NOTE: (Apr21/06) I am using this now and it works great, but i get so many errors cause the phone tries to subscribe to a hint on 700 which doesnt exisit. Will metermaid help, i thought it will only make a hint for the parking spots, not the parking number... - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Apr24/06) Something isn't right, mike240se: I am using ParkOrbit 700 on one key (to park), and Extensions 701, 702, 703 on three other keys (to monitor and retrieve, with the metermaid patch). The Snom 360 subscribes to the 701-703 hints. It does not attempt to subscribe to the 700 park orbit (according to the SIP traces). - mjc
    • NOTE: (May09/06) I dont know I have 1 button set on 3 phones as Park Orbit 700 and I get this all day in the CLI/logs: May 10 04:25:38 ERROR[22977]: chan_sip.c:10831 handle_request_subscribe: Got SUSCRIBE for extensions without hint. Please add hint to 700 in context from-sip - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May 15/06) That's a completely harmless "error". It just means that there is nothing for Asterisk to monitor at extension 700. If you set the button to dial your favorite pizza parlor (e.g., destination: 7371111) you'll get the same "error". - mjc
    • NOTE: (May 17/06) Yeah I know its a harmless error, but its ANNOYING! When i set the phone to dial my pizza parlor, I set it to speed dial instead of destination in order to prevent this. I would just like to turn it off without editing the source code which would turn it off for all phones which I dont want to do. - mike240se

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Option to disable the rocker-navigation key to select other identities. Reason: Same phone is used by many different users, some play around a bit and unkowningly select another identity. Another workaround would be to first put up a confirmation dialog before switching identities. Anyway, if another identity is really desired then we'd use a dedicated BLF button for that purpose, appropriately labelled. - JustRumours
    • NOTE: Implemented in 6.5, thank you SNOM! - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: XML-Minibrowser: Posibillity to send the active Listindex in Menus and Phonedirectories so contextsensitive Function (e. g. Display Details of the selected contact) along with an action-url - Tobias Unsleber

  • FEATURE REQUEST: XML-Minibrowser: Posibillity to program the Display Keys located directly under the Display with own URLs and to select which Icons are showed in the display. - Tobias Unsleber

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Modify the envelope icon so that it can also indicate a selected identity (just like the filled/non-filled little phone icon). Illustration: Three identities, first selected, identity 2 and 3 both have a message and therefore show an envelope, not the phone icon. Now use the rocker key to change identity: You won't know if you've selected identity 2 or 3, or maybe even 5 (which is not displayed on the idle screen at all) - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: XML Browser: When displaying a text that is longer than one screen one needs to press the cursor-down key several times until the text scrolling actually starts (only the position indicator on the right side moves, but not the text); instead the (virtual) cursor should be positioned at the last visible line so that scrolling starts immediately with the first key press. - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Extend the Systeminfo page to also display the port each line is listening on. Unless checking the SIP log there is no easy way to find out about the automagically assigned port (for example that should make sending sipsak messages easier). - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Provide an option to leave the LCD backlight on constantly. -Helix

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Speex support -geertn

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Change the Clock display to a 24hr Digital Clook. This even at the size of print used for the Soft Keys, would give room for 3-4 longer lines of text. - SDjernes
    • NOTE: Clock is indeed far too big. - geertn
    • NOTE: Statment from a client of ours "That analog Clock is a crime" I have to agree. - benk

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (June 21/06) Provide a 'Re-subscribe' button for either one or all identities, similar to 'Re-register'. Ideally this should also be available thru SIP NOTIFY and/or URL command. Background: After an Asterisk restart subscriptions typically get lost, and having to reboot the SNOM just in order to re-issue the subscriptions is not the best thing to do. - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (June 26/06) Allow relative URLs for SnomIPPhoneMenu XML entries; as of 6.2.2 only absolute URLs (including hostname) are permitted. - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (June 26/06) Offer a means to remotely see that LED status. Reason: An admin is often far away from his phones, and having to ask a user if this or that LED is blinking or not for debugging purposes isn't really the way to go. Due to various SUBSCRIPTION complicatinos and issues (on both sides, SNOM and Asterisk) this feature is indeed needed. - JustRumours

  • FEATURE REQUEST: (June 28/06) The programmable keys can be of different types (line, extension, ...). Once configured, a programmable key inherites a number of behaviours, depending on the particular state of the corresponding couple (key,led). For instance, when a key is programmed to be an "extension" key, the Dialog state & call pickup behaviour together with the Call Indication, Speed Dial and Manual Redirection behaviours are all inherited.
However, in some situations it could be useful enabling/disabling the involved behaviours selectively. For instance, one could be interested in programming a key as "extension" key with the Manual Redirection behaviour disabled.
A more general approach could be focused on the possibility of composing the whole set-up of a programmable key by selecting the specific behaviours to apply among a list of behaviours, grouped in such a way that conflicting behaviours cannot be selected at the same time. For instance:

Programmable key P1
Behaviour Selection
Dialog state & call pickupx
Call Indicationx
Speed Dialx
Manual Redirection

Finally, just to complete this abstraction path over the programmable keys, a new type of key could be implemented: the "Custom" type. A "Custom"-type key (or more generally a "Custom"-type couple (key,led)) should be a key programmed by means of a suitable XML document. As usual, the "Custom" type could be assigned to a programmable key (for instance P1) as follows:

where the content of the '' XML file could be as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Key number="">
<!-- 'SpeedDial' shall be referred to the extension specified as value of the Key 'number' attribute -->
<!-- 'Ringing' is referred to the extension specified as value of the Key 'number' attribute -->

Basically, the simple XML above would try to describe the way an "extension"-type key actually works. Obviously, however, a more detailed XML description could lead to a sensible increasing in the programmability options appliable to a programmable key. - tlgrad

  • RESOLVED: (May09/06) Starting in 6.x, when I send a desktop message, for example "Night Mode" to the 360, the desktop message disappears after a few minutes. Before it stayed on till it was turned off or the phone was rebooted. This kinda defeats the whole purpose of a desktop message if it doesnt stay there. - Mike240se
    • NOTE: (May19/06) Snom seems to think this isnt a problem, can someone please confirm this bug for me. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May26/06) Ok I have confirmed this on multiple phones, the desktop messages stays there until you hit a button. If you dont hit a button or recieve a call it will stay there for hours but if you hit a button after 10 seconds its gone for good. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jun06/06) Possibly add two options for this. 1. to play a beep (short and soft) to notify a user of an alert, 2. keep a log of alerts in the web interface (like the recent calls screen) or just display the most recent alert on the Dial call page. -SDjernes
    • NOTE: (Jun06/16) This is classified as a less important feature request by snom because none of their major customers are requesting it. It will be of higher priority if more people are requesting it, so let them know that YOU need this feature. Email to: You May Refer to my Ticket number: Ticket#: 2006060610000225
    • NOTE: (Jun06/21) The priority fo the issue has been raised due to some recent requests :) Thank you for your support, and thank you snom!
    • NOTE: (Jun27/06) Was this fixed in 6.2.2? I havent been able to flash yet, but it mentions an option for using the cancel button to clear the message, which I assume means it doesnt clear right away as it does now. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jun30/06) I am pleased to announce this is fixed in 6.2.2! Thanks Snom! - mike240se

  • RESOLVED: (June 2/06) After starting a "Manual Software Update" from the web GUI, install the new firmware after the reboot without requesting user intervention. Right now it asks the user to press yes or no, preventing easy remote updates. - mjc
    • NOTE: (June2/06) Yes! Please! Everytime i want to upgrade a customers phones I have to go to their office and can't do it from my office! This is a major pain, all my other phones can be upgraded remotely. I would recommend 2 buttons on the software upgrade webpage, 1 button is upgrade w/ confirmation and 1 button is upgrade w/o confirmation. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (June 06/06) This is already possible, set "Update Policy:" to "Update automatically" before. -snomy
    • NOTE: (June 6/06) Yes, you are right, that's just what I needed. Thanks! - mjc

  • RESOLVED: (Jun21/06) Firmware 6.2.1, in the phone settings-->Net Info, both eth0 rx and tx are always 0. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (Jun26/21) Fixed in 6.2.2 - hookhook

  • RESOLVED: Please give us a "Destination without subscription" selector for the function keys, in other words: There are various cases where you'd want to have a DESTINATION defined that does not issue a SIP subscribe; Asterisk complains each time it receives a subscribe request that it is not prepared for, and this is at least annoying.- JustRumours
    • NOTE: (Jun 01/06) This is already available, use fkey type "Speed Dial". - snomy

  • RESOLVED: (Jun13/06) The button 'Play ringer' at URL: "" does not work. Confirmed for versions 6.2 and 6.1. - Reset the phone and re-provisioned it and it started working again.
    • NOTE: This is working for me on both 6.1 and 6.2 phones. I just tested several of each version. - artg
    • NOTE: This is working for me too on 6.2 phones. I tested Snom300, 320, 360 with built-in and custom melodies - huk

  • RESOLVED: (Jun09/06) The failure to login to some asterisk servers at boot also occurs with firmware version 6.2 for me as well as 6.05 and 6.1. If login is forced through the web interface or the reregister timeout of 1 hour expires then the snom will register OK. The asterisk server that does register for me is not local to the phone, so I'm beginning to wonder if it is a timing issue during initialisation of the phone. - HevaD
    • NOTE: (June 20/06) Fixed in 6.2.1 - hookhook
  • RESOLVED: (Jun07/06) After upgraded to Firmware 6.1 (from 6.0.4), the 360 registered to 6 of the 10 configured servers with no problem - the other 4 failed with 'server error' or 'network failure' re-registering them through the web interface worked AOK. - vitell
    • NOTE: (June 3/06) Fixed in 6.2.1 - hookhook

  • RESOLVED: (May26/06) After upgraded to Firmware 6.0.5, the phone stop registering to asterisk unless I click re-register in the web interface. Converted back to 6.0.4 at this moment. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (May26/06) Wow this is major, did you try this on more than 1 phone? I have 2 phones running 6.0.5 for 24 hours and havent had a complaint YET. Anyone else? - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May26/06) Big Bug! Tried 3 phones already, same result. Asterisk - hookhook
    • NOTE: (May28/06) 6.0.5 is definitely bad, reverted to 6.0.4: Also here with Asterisk my second, "far away" SIP account fails to register upon reboot, only a manual re-register makes it work. Lots of instability issues (I *do* have a cheap SOHO Netgear WLAN AP/switch, but still...), much more than with any 6.0.x firmware before (see April 21 MAJOR entry below) - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (May29/06) Please send short zipped traces, logs etc. of that scenario to ! - snomy
    • NOTE: (June 3/06) 6.1beta has the same bug, SIP Traces have been sent to ! - hookhook
    • NOTE: (June 6/06) Let the phone runs for about an hour, then it automatically register with asterisk. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (June 8/06) Disable the setting option "PnP Config:" at the "Advanced" web interface page, does it help? - snomy
    • NOTE: (June 8/06) Tried. Doesn't help. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (June 9/06) Suggestion - are the Asterisk server and the IP Gateway entered as fully-qualified domain names (text) or IP addresses (numbers)? Try IP addresses for both in case it's a DNS-startup issue. Just a thought ... I haven't seen this issue, I'm running 6.2 - mjc
    • NOTE: (June 9/06) All 26 phones are in the same LAN, so I always use ip address instead of domain name. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (June 9/06) Have you watched the network traffic with Ethereal to see what's going on after a phone powers up? Are the phone packets reaching the Asterisk server? - mjc
    • NOTE: (June 13/06) Just as another point of information, I have about a dozen 360s running either 6.1 or 6.2 and registering fine against OpenSER. They have been fine through the various 6.x betas. This may hint at a specific interaction issue between Asterisk and the Snoms. We use OpenSER has front end to Asterisk for about 600 Snom 360s. - artg
    • NOTE: (June 19/06) Try 6.2.1, this should solve the problem. - snomy
    • NOTE: (Jun 19/06) I can confirm that 6.2.1 is good, the registration issue is gone. - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (Jun 20/06) Thanks snomy! The 6.2.1 is good. - hookhook

  • RESOLVED: (May09/06) I have noticed a problem with the 6.x and most likely the 5.x series on the Snom 360, the phone disconnects callers on hold. To reproduce: make a call line 1, put line 1 on hold, make a call from line 2, hangup the handset and line 1 doesnt stay on hold!!! It hangs up!!! There should atleast be the option to only disconnect the actual line in use when the handset is placed onhook, not all lines. The only way to bypass this is to set "Disconnect on hook" to off, BUT this means you ALWAYS have to press the X key to end a call. So basically I would like to keep Disconnect on hook set to ON but have the functionality i explain above. I consider this major because it causes many lost calls. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (May17/06) Setting Transfer on Onhook to off, Cancel Key on Hold to off seems to fix this problem for my customer, I will report back with long term testing. - mike240se

  • RESOLVED: (Apr 26/06) Clock is too slow by 1 hour after reboot. This seems to be a daylight savings time issue. "Resetting" the NTP time server info (to the same value) in the web GUI fixes the time. This doesn't happen after I revert to 5.5. - mjc
    • NOTE: (May 17/06) Fixed in 6.0.4. - mjc

  • RESOLVED: (May19/06) Snom reduced the length/size of the new/old voicemail line on the bottom of the phone which is nice but please clear the line before adding a voicemail waiting message, in some cases it shows part of the date after the voicemail message which looks bad. For example "You have 2 New and 4 Old Messages/19" or something like that. - mike240se
    • NOTE: (Jun 02/06) Fixed in 6.1 - snomy

  • RESOLVED: (May25/06) After the call is completed, the screen shows "Disconnected" for about 3-4seconds. I can't make any other call or speed dial by BLF Key until it disappears. Please make this annoying "Disconnected" message much quicker (1s) and have a GUI option to disable it at all. - hookhook
    • NOTE: (Jun 02/06) It is much shorter now in 6.1 - snomy

  • RESOLVED: Modify German status line text for message count, now "1 neue und 52 alte Nachric" (note the cut-off "hten" part at the end), suggested "1 neue 52 alte Nachrichten" i.e. remove the word " und" - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (May 06/06) Change incorporated into 6.0.2 - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (May 19/06) Update: Also the dot . at the end of "Nachrichten" should be removed - JustRumours
    • NOTE: (Jun 02/06) Done in 6.1 - snomy

Notes / Quirks

  • With handset used during call, pressing hold, puts caller on hold, but gives you a dialtone, should be silence IMO (possibly including a little beep to acknowledge the command). However, when using speakerphone, pressing hold also does the same thing, except you can make the dialtone stop by lifting the handset for a moment. Pressing hold should not give you dialtone. - tqfp
    • NOTE: You can disable this feature in the advanced tab in the web config. Dialtone during hold = off. - mike240se
    • NOTE: Spot on, thanks. - tqfp

  • To enable one-touch record button and make it functional with asterisk, under functions key F_REC change it to DTMF and set it to *1 or whatever you set automon => *1 to in features.conf. I have been using it and works great. -mike240se

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