snom 820

This is the latest phone from snom, released at the end of 2008. The snom 820 represents the fourth generation of SIP-based business phones from snom and is designed to address the requirements of the enterprise work force of today and tomorrow. The phone blends superior usability and style with mature VoIP technology delivering cutting business-class communications features that are packaged in a sleek and intuitive design.”
The related snom 870 comes with a touch screen that replace the line buttons on the top left.


Key Features

  • Sleek and Intuitive Design: The new snom 820 offers a sleek intuitive design that optimizes usability in two different respects. First, the user interface makes it easy to manage calls, and guides the user intuitively through the phones’ numerous features. Second, the dual 33 or 55 degree angle of the telephone ensures that all the operating elements are within optimal reach and always readily visible.

  • High Resolution Color Display: The new snom 820 has a high-resolution TFT color display that optimizes the presentation of call lists, address books, caller information and other applications. This data is provided through the integrated XML browser and accessed directly by the user via the display screen.

  • klarVOICE - Wideband Audio for High Fidelity Voice Quality: The phone features klarVOICE, snom’s integrated broadband technology that guarantees high- fidelity wideband audio quality and voice clarity, giving users the feeling they are speaking with someone in the same room. In loudspeaker mode, a Class D amplifier reliably suppresses all interference.

  • Wireless Connectivity - The snom 820 supports Wi-Fi and power over Ethernet enabling easy installation regardless of the surroundings and plug in play connectivity.

  • Rich Feature Set - The new snom 820 comes equipped with a broad set of advanced business communications features including three-way conferencing, multiple ring tones and the capability to provision up to twelve different SIP identities per phone.

  • Robust Security - The snom 820 satisfies the highest security standards for the business world. The VoIP telephone is not only VPN capable but also supports SRTP and TLS security standards that effectively prevent the recording and the sniffing of data.

  • Future sidecar (Oct 2009): The sidecar is not in the market yet.It has its own CPU, Ethernet port and it is able to run applications (for example, Asterisk).


Around 285 Euro/ $419 and the price includes a power supply


This phone runs snom's new version 8 firmware. Written in Python rather than C.


The snom 820 phone has been available since January 2009 in both Europe and North America.

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Where to buy

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