StarTel - The Free Network
StarTel is the result of the collaboration between experts in Videoconference, Streaming and Voice over IP. The work of experienced engineers with young students with lots of new ideas, gives this company a great dynamic.

Using Internet and the local networks as a platform, StarTel introduces low cost and highly innovative solutions for the IP Telephony market.

The added value of StarTel's products is based in:

  • The high levels of engineering;
  • The dynamic features allowed by Open Source systems;
  • The use of the market standards.

Our mission is to develop high quality VoIP solutions based on the most recent technologies, to improve our costumers business and make them save money.

StarTel works together with Universities and research Institutions to make sure we are always in the front line in the development of new technologies and in the presentation of innovative solutions.

StarTel has earned his experience in the development of high scale solutions for companies and public institutions in Portugal, Netherlands, Italy and Check Republic.

StarTel VoIP Service
StarTel is currently offering free calls to Portugal and a lot of other countries in the world. Just register in
StarTel VoIP service is a Free VoIP Networks. This means you can call other open SIP networks around the world.
StarTel does ENUM lookups to, and

Contact us
+351 304500650

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