(:biggrin:) Checkout these links for sample configuration files to use with our VoIP network:
SIP Setup
IAX @home Setup (PDF)

(:wink:) Unlimitel offers 911 emergency services for all their customers and is now compliant with CRTC ruling on VoIP 911 calls.

MichaelRichardson got their wholesale DID service to connect to my * pbX.
The quality is good, and I had few problems.
One issue was that I had to turn off SIP re-invites in my sip.conf. Otherwise, I could hear
people with my Cisco phone, but they couldn't hear me. This turns out to be a limitation in their SIP Express
router. (I don't know SIP well enough to know if a re-invite can/should be declined)

This turns out to be a pain in the butt to configure, since I wasn't able to find a way to do this except via

registery => stuff

I also was unable to get the incoming context set properly.

Gordon Dewis has replaced his Asterisk-ready dialplan for Unlimitel with a macro and some discussion available at http://gordon.dewis.ca/asterisk/unlimitel_dialplan.txt. (updated 11 April 2008)
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