Usage: Verbose(<message> [level])

Sends <message> to the console via verbose message system.

[level] is the the verbose level (1-4) If you specify a verbose level less than 1 or greater than 4, the verbosity is 1. The default verbosity seems to be 0 (in 1.0.8), and supplying a 0 (zero) verbosity does work: the message will be displayed regardless of the console verbosity setting.

The Asterisk verbosity system works as follows. The Asterisk user gets to set the desired verbosity at startup time or later using the console 'set verbose' command. Messages are displayed on the console if their verbose level is less than or equal to desired verbosity set by the user. More important messages should have a low verbose level; less important messages should have a high verbose level.

You shoud protect your message with "". Ex: VERBOSE "step 1 to 2". Without this you'll get only 'step', 1 will be considered as the verbosity level and the rest of the string will be ignored.

200 result=1

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