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Your contributions are welcome, but please read the How to add information to this wiki page and the Posting Guidelines before you post.

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Guidelines for Front Page News Stories

  • The news section is for news only, that is news reports, press releases, etc.
  • If it doesn't look like it could have appeared as a headline in your local newspaper, then it is not news and doesn't belong here.
  • Please be advised that the frontpage should be used for informational, not promotional purposes.
  • Keep ALL entries within 85 characters. Entries longer than 85 characters will be truncated without prejudice.
  • If the original poster doesn't observe the 85 character limit, someone else may truncate or trim it or even remove it altogether.
  • If you need more space then create a Wiki page for your company, then post a brief synopsis here with a link to your wiki page.
  • If you are posting news about new prices, read the New Price Postings before posting anything.
  • ALL entries must have news value and conform to the __Posting Guidelines__. Obvious advertising will be Removed Advertising.
  • Voip-info is a informational site. Any form of advertorial is considered spam and will be subject for moderation.
  • Users that, despite warnings, continue to misbehave will be added to the Request for removal page.
  • Don't use the news section to post new VOIP services or Software Releases. Partnerships and Blogentries are not considered news either.
  • Don't use the news section to frequently post beta releases or minor updates. There are other ways to inform users.

Post on proper location

Editting postings

  • Please use the comment field when you edit or remove a posting.
  • If your posting was editted or removed, read the comment and refrain from reposting unaltered. It will only lead to needless revisions of the frontpage.
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