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03 July 2015
Is it possible to create VoIP video directory? There are lots of interesting video with products overview, tutorials, etc. It could be great to create VoIP Video folder on you main page, where people can post useful links. Thanks!

09 October 2008
Is it possible to add a category somewhere that would include E911 issues involving VoIP? This is a growing issue as more companies switch to VoIP. It was part of the NET 911 legislation President Bush signed into law in July. Thanks.

09 March 2007
Hi, i would like to update the information for my company's products on the page at http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-VOIP+Phones, but the instructions on the homepage indicate not to edit pages directly, rather to create a new page with your company's products. I am not sure how to get that page to update with our products if not by editing it directly. Any insight would be very appreciated. Thanks, my login is 'vishaljain'.

02 October 2006

Is it possible to clean up among the "Comments", some of the comments doesn't have anything to do with the pages, example, comments on the start page.

17 August 2006

Proposing a new section on Voip security. plenty of info out there on this subject which is becoming more and more relevant. See fron instance this voip blog lots more out there

24 July 2006

It there anyway for example to add the Skype page already here to the Navigation menu
and would that be OK? Thanks

11 April 2006

There doesn't seem to be any section for direct VoIP connections, or connections that don't include a VoIP or SIP service. I understand that this can be done but can find no exlanation of it.

I would like to propose a section for UMTS products.

Dec 23, 2005

I would like to propose that there is a license statement on the first page.

And what type of Common Creative License or ... is less of my concern but something that both contributors and readers can refere to.

Nov 15, 2005

With the popularity of RSS feeds, it would be nice if we had a section where we could select our favourite RSS feeds for our News Readers.

i.e. Asterisk RSS Feed [XML]

Mar 10,2005

I've noticed an increase in interest on our company Web Site from people searching for information on 3G IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and Security Gateway accplication for interconnecting UMTS security domains. How about a section on 3G and IMS in particular?

Mar 7, 2005

When viewing the history of a page, the Version (Ver) column seems to be off by one for everything but the most recent revision. For example, a page with 24 versions goes from 2-24 with 24 being shown twice (current and second most current). I haven't really checked other wikis to determine if this is the norm or not.

I second the suggestion for an archive for SHOUT Box info. Net.Com ShoutIP, ShoutGate, etc. would be a great resource!

Click on the "Read more" link at the bottom of the SHOUT Box sidebar.

How to use Asterisk as a B2BUA ?

Asterisk is not really designed for this.
See: Asterisk is not a SIP proxy
However, you might be able to simulate some of the functionality of a B2BUA depending on what your requirements are.

How to build a Chinese version?

jackon kang

See here:

An autodiscovery tag in the home page and recent changes page for the RSS feed would be nice.
example: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="url/to/rss/file">
This goes in the page header.
- ben

Sept 20, 2004
Please add an RSS feed and register with syndic8.
Done: There is already an RSS feed: http://www.voip-info.org/rss_feeds/page_changes.xml
There is a button for it at the very bottom of each page, but its not too obvious.
The RSS feed has already been submitted to syndic8 and is in their review queue.

How do you add a new page to this site? Perhaps a button or a description somewhere would be helpful, thanks.
Done: How to add information to this wiki

Please add a section for VoIP Billing And Calling Card Issues.
Done: VOIP Billing

Shout Box archive
It would be nice if there was a archive for the shout box

Fixed link problem with Asterisk How to connect with CAPI

There appears to be a linking problem from Asterisk tips and tricks to
Asterisk How to connect with CAPI (this link seems to get the same problem - the page does exist if you search for capi and click the relevant link) - perhaps because of the colon, can it be renamed? Thx

Is anyone else having problems with the site in Firebird(Mozilla)? The site works fine in IE but is
firebird on two different machines(XP) here is an alignment issue. The best way to show this is to
log in with a bad user and pass. The error message shows up but you have to scroll right to see it.

ivelin: How about adding a page for local VoIP User Groups?


The wonderful thing about a wiki is that you can do this yourself.
Please feel free to add this page and links to it where you think appropiate.


UserPageoej: Please add search capability!

I added the search box. I think this wiki uses the native Mysql Full text search, which has a few strange quirks.
For example, if you search for a popular word that appears on over 1/2 the pages, then it will find nothing.
Search for: Asterisk and get nothing,
but search for: dialplan and find pages that mention dialplan.

Jim 9/8/03

oej: Weird... I agree, it's broken.
mose: I confirm full-text is used in 1.7. but search engine is rewritten in 1.8, and rc2 maybe could be stable enough for voip-info.org as you use only wiki feature.

oej: Jim, could you add a "Recent changes" page - or make it a link in the menu. I only find the RSS feed in the page bottom, but's not made for browsing... Thank you!

Click on the :: just in front of "Wiki" in the Menu box.
I'll see if there is a way to make this more obvious.
Jim 9/8/03

I changed the menu blocks around.
Let me know if better
Jim 9/8/03

Oej 9/10/03: Much better! I like it.

Oej: 9/15/03: Jim, I would like you to edit the RSS feed for Recent changes. The title is not
"voip-info.org" - it's just Tiki news or something. Is it possible to change the name of the
RSS feed?

Will the search be improved. Any reports from tiki.org?

Try the RSS now.
Let me know if OK.

I saw a discussion thread on the tiki mailing list on the search, but didn't look like anything was going to happen soon. Maybe I should set up an external search engine to index the pages. Wouldn't be real-time like the Tiki search though. i.e. it would only update the index nightly. As the number of pages expands the built in Tiki search should work better as there will be fewer cases where the search words appear on over 1/2 the pages and are thus invisible to the search.
Jim 9/15/03

Oej 9/15/03: The RSS title works now. Thank you! Yes, the web grows. Added some stuff on SIP and on SER and new contributors keep showing up in the "Recent Changes" list. Great!

Oej 9/20/03: Jim, another suggestion: Google likes real URLs, without the ?page=. Most Wikis I've used is able to - with the help of apache rewrites - handle URLs like http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/Asterisk
It would help the Wiki being indexed by search engines.

Oej 9/21/03: I think the Mysql database has to few available connections. I get "Tiki can't get connection to database" sometimes. Maybe we're getting some users in here after all...

I changed the URLs. Had to change the Tiki source to get it work correctly. Let me know if you find anything broken.

Not sure what was happening with Mysql. I just set PHP to not use persistent DB connections and restarted Mysql and the web server. Maybe that will help.
Let me know if you get any more errors.

According to the log analysis program (which I'm not totally sure is reliable) we've been averaging around 50 unique visitors a day to the site.

Jim 9/21/03

Moved to a new server
Jim 12/5/04

Enabled the user page watch feature that automatically notifies users when pages they mark are changed.
To use click on the "eye" icon in top right corner of page.
The "eye" icon only appears if you are logged in.

Jim 12/13/03

Installed: http://turck-mmcache.sourceforge.net/
Hopefully will improve performance

Jim 12/14/03

VON Spring 2004 Report

Please put new entries at TOP of this page!

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